A Heavily Pregnant Dog Who Was Involved In A Car Accident And Left To Fend For Herself Started Losing Hope


The dream of every stray pup is for a hooman to take them into their arms and show them unconditional love and affection.

Wandering the streets, they constantly look around, hoping that the right person will notice them and take them into their loving home. Unfortunately, sometimes they come across a cruel hooman who forgets that they have emotions, too.

When a heavily pregnant pup was walking along the street, looking for a comfortable place to give birth, a car struck her, and the driver just drove away.

New Life

heavily pregnant dog lying
Source: Por Amor A Rocky

Luckily, a kind hooman saw the entire thing and informed some animal rescuers, who dropped everything and came to her aid.

Knowing that they had no time to lose, they immediately took her to the emergency clinic for a thorough examination. Even though she was very anxious, the pup was really cooperative so the whole procedure went smoothly.

pregnant dog
Source: Por Amor A Rocky

Being named Taylor, the pup was given some yummy food and water, allowing her to regain some of her strength. Even though she wasn’t in the best condition, she was still trying her best to keep strong for her puppies.

At midnight, Taylor went into labor and gave birth to the most adorable litter of seven puppies.

mama dog nursing puppies
Source: The Moho

As a proud mother of four adorable boys and three beautiful girls, Taylor was ready for the new chapter of her life.

Taylor and her babies were taken to a shelter where the entire staff made sure they had everything they needed and assured them that nobody would hurt them ever again.

tiny puppy sleeping
Source: Por Amor A Rocky

Being in such a loving environment, Taylor made a swift recovery and her babies grew up to be big and strong in no time.

They are now spending their days having fun playdates with each other, which are immediately followed by cozy naps.

I hope that when the time is right, every single member of this adorable family will find a loving home that will show them what it’s like to be loved and appreciated!

Good luck, guys!

happy dog wearing a shirt
Source: The Moho

Stop Animal Abuse

A big thank you to every hooman who participated in this incredible rescue!

You not only saved eight lives but also gave them the attention, care, and love they needed to gain strength and move forward!

I would also take this opportunity to remind everyone that animals have feelings, too! When they are mistreated or abused, it can severely impact their mental health, making them depressed or even violent.

So, please, if you are unable to help a stray animal, do not hurt them! Rather, contact your local animal shelter and inform them of the situation.

Help make this world a better place for everybody!