This Senior Rescue Dog Shocks His New Owner With The Most Unexpected Secret Ever


Leo had too much burden on his back. 

So many troubles, but so little time has passed under his paws. 

He grew old too soon. The gray hairs around his face did not give him a distinguished gentleman’s look. He became a tired gentleman… too tired of life, without any will to continue. 

Leo gave up. 

But, what Leo didn’t know was that someone out there did not give up on him.

While his shelter buddies were going to their furever families, Leo stayed put, watching them go with tears in his eyes. 

Soon enough, this poor old pal found himself feeling numb for everything, even for food and water.

Change was about to enter Leo’s life in the most pawtacular way.

He’s Not That Old After All

senior stray dog
Source: GeoBeats Animals

Senior dogs always get overlooked by potential adopters. No one really wants an older dog with an expiration date, and that’s the ugly truth.

But, sometimes people should look past these etiquettes and offer second chances. Sometimes, eyes can’t see very well what’s lying before them. 

When Deanna saw Leo at her local Texas shelter, she read everything from his sad eyes. Leo did not have any strength left in him to keep on fighting. 

But, Deanna had an ace up her sleeve: her kindness and her other Pittie, Kallie. 

Leo and Kallie immediately clicked. It was like she brought him back the spark in his life.

You can say the rest is history because this poor, rejected Pittie got home that day with Deanna and Kallie.

Leo got the home he was always deprived of.

But, Leo didn’t leave the shelter without anything with him: he was carrying a secret surprise.

stray dog with a black collar
Source: GeoBeats Animals

Although the shelter thought he was about 10 or 12 years old, it turned out that those gray hairs were just some fashionable accessories.

Leo was actually five when Deanna adopted him! He deceived us all, but in a good way. This meant there was much more time left for Deanna, Leo, and Kallie to hang out together. 

Life couldn’t be sweeter!

Learning How To Dog

senior dog named leo playing with an other dog
Source: GeoBeats Animals

Unfortunately, Leo was not like other dogs. I say unfortunately because he did not know how to behave like a dog. Apparently, Leo was a back yard dog, never cuddling or playing with anyone. He was lacking human attention and affection throughout his life. 

Well, good thing Deanna was there to shower him with love, and his big sis, Kallie, was eager to show him the art of dogging. 

Getting used to being an indoor dog was ruff. Leo never saw a dishwasher, nor his reflection in something shiny. 

He didn’t even know how to play with toys! But, he did know how to appreciate small things like comfy beds and warm blankets, and he always tried to show how grateful he was.

senior dog leo sticking his head out the car
Source: GeoBeats Animals

Little by little, Leo opened up and started acting like a true doggo. He even got to enjoy car rides – his favorite thing of all! 

What Deanna didn’t realize at first was that Leo did come with a couple of other surprises that showed he was indeed an older soul trapped in a young dog’s body. For example, Leo came to them with arthritis in all of his limbs.

Further examination showed that Leo also needed knee surgery – on two of his knees, to be precise. These health issues were all because Leo was once kept as a back yard dog, definitely chained up and without proper nutrition and an exercise routine. 

Another reason why I can’t stress enough about how important exercising is for dogs.

Luckily, for Leo, small touch-ups at the vet made him feel better. He wasn’t a brand-new dog, but he was feeling fine. And, that was good enough to lead a normal life. 

“He’s just such an amazing dog. I needed him as much as he needed me. I just want him to feel that and know I’m gonna give him everything he deserves.”, said Deanna.

We need more people like Deanna people who care about senior dogs. 

Unfortunately, the situation in shelters, not only in Texas, isn’t so great. Senior dogs always get picked last… if they ever get picked at all. Younger dogs and puppies have more chances of getting adopted. 

That’s completely wrong. Every shelter dog should have the same chance of getting a furever family. Every dog matters no matter if he’s a senior, a pupper, or a pregnant stray caught on the streets.

Every dog needs a loving home.

Do you have a place in yours for a four-legged BFF?