Owner Noticed His Dog Ran Off Outside With A Ball As Soon As The Delivery Driver Rang The Doorbell


Our pups just love playing no matter what. It doesn’t matter what age they are; one thing that unites them all is how much they enjoy entertaining themselves.

And it makes sense. Dogs naturally desire mental stimulation through walks, playing, or running. It’s an incredibly important aspect of their life.

For some dogs, like Duncan, it’s essential. He loves playing, and his owner noticed just how much he loves meeting new people that way when a delivery driver dropped off a package at their house in New Jersey.

He Just Loves To Play

a dog on the boat
Source: Reddit

According to his owner, Michael Crowe, Duncan is just a very playful dog who enjoys meeting new people.

They would often go to the park and the pup would just take his favorite tennis ball to the other owners and politely ask them to play. It’s just so adorable to see a dog who is this sweet.

As soon as Duncan heard the delivery man outside the house in New Jersey, he quickly bolted off into the distance. He grabbed his favorite ball and went to greet him.

a dog on the porch
Source: Reddit

He wanted the man to play with him. It didn’t matter who he was or what he was doing there. The only thing this dog wanted was to have a good time.

The delivery driver decided to take a picture as it was a very wholesome moment. Crowe also filmed his dog’s reaction.

Later on, he decided to post Duncan’s story on Reddit, where he obviously caught the attention of a lot of dog lovers.

Internet’s Reaction To Duncan

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Source: Reddit

When the internet witnessed Duncan’s playful nature, they were all in awe. The post got almost 4,000 likes and a lot of comments.

One person commented: “Duncan is cute. I wouldn’t throw a ball for a dog all alone on a porch, only because I wouldn’t want to encourage him to wander away from home.

This is actually a fair warning for all dog owners who have very hyperactive dogs. It’s important to keep watching them as you never know when something unexpected might happen.

Another person wrote: “You could throw the ball a hundred times for my pup, and you’d still get that look when you tried to leave.

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Source: Reddit

It’s a bit funny to think just how much dogs enjoy doing the same thing on repeat and never get bored of it. 

Lastly, somebody commented: “If he’s anything like my dog, that photo could have been taken after the ball was thrown a hundred times.”

That’s also true. There is a possibility that the delivery driver did indeed throw the ball for Duncan, but Crowe didn’t really know it.

Either way, it was a very wholesome moment for everyone involved. While there were some mixed reactions regarding the rules for delivery drivers, most people found the entire event to be funny and gave it a like.