This Goldie Puppy Has The Most Unique Coat Color Ever, And You’re Gonna Love It


Life is a miracle in itself, and it is a special kind of happiness when a litter of cute puppies comes into the world. That’s how it was when one Golden Retriever mom gave birth to a wonderful little dogs in Pensacola, Florida. 

However, this litter was not like the others, and the main reason was one unique Goldie. Unlike the other puppies whose coats were blonde, which is the main characteristic of this breed, hers was a different color. 

Although the breeders were shocked at first, they soon realized that this uniqueness worked in her favor.  

Rare But Beautiful Occurance

green coat golden retriever puppy
Source: @living_the_golden_life

This litter of eight puppies came into the world on March 3, 2024. At first, there was nothing special about the little ones except, of course, their limitless cuteness. However, when they looked a little closer, the breeders saw that one puppy was different.

Carole DeBruler and her husband, Greg, breeders from Golden Treasures Kennel, located in Pensacola, Florida, were more than surprised when they saw that one puppy had a dark green hue

little puppies and the green one
Source: @living_the_golden_life

“We were kind of shocked,” Carole told PEOPLE. In their 17 years of working on raising light-colored puppies, they have seen “some green or a slight tint” many times, but never the coat that was entirely dark green. 

Also, because any green usually “rubs right off”, they tried that in this case as well. Unfortunately, it was all in vain. 

“Mom cleans them, we clean them, and it comes off — hers didn’t,” Carole said. “This is rare.”

two golden retriever puppies
Source: @living_the_golden_life

However, after a few baths from Carole, as well as a lot of “kisses” from her mom, the puppy’s coat went from dark green to bright lime green. Shamrock, as they named the baby dog, was now not only special but more beautiful than any “ordinary” puppy.

“And she stayed lime for a good while,” Carole confirmed. 

“A Lucky Dog”  

Because she was such a special pup, Carole and her husband decided to record a video about Shamrock and post it on their TikTok account, @living_the_golden_life. 


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They couldn’t have dreamed how much attention it would attract. This video showed a Golden Retriever mom nursing her puppies, including the special one. In addition, they explained how Shamrock’s coat took on such a specific color. 

“She is a rare pup whose white fur was stained in the womb with biliverdin,” it was stated in the video. According to Breeding Business, biliverdin is a pigment found in the bile of dogs and it is responsible for the green color of bile, sometimes affecting the puppy’s coat color. 

Carole and her family didn’t stop at that one video but continued to promote Shamrock, causing interest in her to skyrocket.

“I’m just so excited to share Shamrock with the world,” Carole said. “She was a lucky dog!”

With time, Shamrock grew up, and the green color from her fur slowly faded, leaving a beautiful golden coat – a trademark of every Golden Retriever. 

A Top Pick

golden retriever puppy with green coat

The popularity that the green color brought her and the current beauty and cuteness with which she shone helped Shamrock to be the top pick for her new family. In other words, among all the puppies from the litter, she was the first to find a forever home.

“The gentleman getting her has just retired, and she will be his world. He loves her already so much,” Carole said. “She’s so loved now, and she’s going to be so loved in the future —and that makes me happy.”

We hope her new family will treat her like a special dog because that’s exactly what she was from the day she was born.