Pregnant Dog Was Abandoned On The Street Before Kind Rescuers Came To Her Aid


Witnessing a pup getting cruelly abandoned by his owner is probably one of the most depressing things ever. 

What’s even worse is when people abandon pregnant dogs when they know how difficult it is going to be for them to survive on their own.

For this mama dog, things were not looking up. She was going to give birth soon, but she had no way to take care of herself, let alone her puppies.

Just as things were starting to get really difficult for her, a group of rescuers found her and realized she desperately needed help.

Meet Stormi

pregnant dog on the rain
Source: Youtube

Just as they had found her, they were shocked to find that she was surviving on her own in very harsh weather.

It was raining, and she was almost ready to give birth. They immediately transported her in a car, and she was taken to a veterinarian clinic.

The dog, now named Stormi, was given a safe haven with a private kennel. In there, she could be on her own and just enjoy being in a warm place for once.

Even though she loved being in a safe space, she was a bit nervous because she was not used to being in an enclosed space.

newborn puppies sleeping
Source: Youtube

A few days later, she was transferred to a foster home where she would be taken care of when the puppies arrived.

Soon enough, though, the situation had changed in an instant and Stormi had given birth to eight healthy babies. There were five boys and three girls.

Right after that, her motherly instincts kicked in and she started taking care of the puppies. She was such a good mom.

The Most Beautiful Family

cute puppies outdoor
Source: Youtube

With each passing day, they were doing better and growing up. Even with their mother taking care of them, the foster mom constantly supervised them to make sure they were okay.

She also made sure to give mama Stormi some time on her own away from the babies so she could enjoy herself and play around.

After two weeks, the puppies grew to the point where they were hardly recognizable. They were so adorable.

Their foster parents make sure that they are getting everything they need so they can be strong and healthy.

baby with dog on the couch
Source: Youtube

With just a little more time, they will be old enough to be placed on an adoption list so their fosters can find them all a forever home.

They are determined to find each and every one of them the perfect family, so they never have to be in the same situation as their mom was weeks ago.

While we don’t know what happened next or if any of them have been adopted, it’s safe to assume that their foster parents are going to make sure that happens.

It’s really amazing to see just how this wonderful act of kindness helped a worried mama dog start over with her new family.