Shocked Woman Stumbles Upon Two Pups Trembling With Fear And Immediately Jumps Into Action


We all know how much our furry friends love us and how much they depend on us. Yet, many people are not fully aware of these facts or simply don’t have a kind heart for these beautiful beings. 

The direct consequence of that is the numerous sad stories about abandoned, neglected, or abused dogs. Sadly, they are no longer a coincidence, as there are more and more of them every day. 

Today’s story is exactly about two poor puppies found on the street, heartlessly abandoned by their owner. Their sad and frightened look was a sight that broke the heart of one kind woman who saw them there. 

They Only Had Each Other

puppy sitting next to a car
Source: Paws Show

Before this good-hearted woman even saw the puppies beside a car on the street, they’d already been through a lot. These poor little ones, as well as their whole family, were mercilessly dumped by one cruel man. 

Since they were all frightened, they got lost – the mother and the other siblings ran into the forest while these two babies found shelter in one of the building entrances nearby. 

They were so scared that they didn’t want to come out of that place. All that time, they were in each other’s arms because they had nothing else but one another. 

two scared puppies
Source: Paws Show

However, after three days spent there, the puppies were starving and they had to come out and search for food if they wanted to survive. They begged everyone for help, but no one heeded their cries

Just when they started to lose faith that anyone would ever save them, this great woman appeared and brought smiles back to their faces. 

New Lives Full Of Hope

abandoned puppy
Source: Paws Show

When this kind soul approached the puppies, they were still very timid and didn’t have trust in people. She wasn’t surprised as she knew what they had been through, so she chose a slow approach. 

Little by little, this woman was able to gain at least a bit of their trust – just enough to lure them into her car and bring them home. When they came to her house, she put them in a comfortable place and provided them with everything they needed. 

She named the older puppy Mouse, while the younger was named Squirrel.

two puppies in a kennel
Source: Paws Show

Despite all the love this kind-hearted woman gave them, the puppies were still crying. The wounds inflicted on them by the one they trusted the most were so deep that they took a very long time to heal.

Luckily, with the help of a good soul who loved them unconditionally, these two angels managed to escape the shackles of the dark past and bravely step into a new life. Mouse and Squirrel grew into beautiful dogs who radiated only love and positive energy. 

After a terrible event that plunged them into darkness, these two pups still managed to find the light and shine in their full glory. On that journey, they only needed one good soul who again showed that true love always wins in the end.