Rescue Workers Couldn’t Believe This Owner Surrendered His Dog Because She Was Misbehaving


When a dog is misbehaving, there is usually a good reason, and none is malicious. They are known to be adorable little troublemakers.

However, that is not an excuse to abandon your dog just because he made a mess a few times. 

There are ways you can deal with unwanted behavior through many positive methods, and none of them involve surrendering your dog to an animal shelter.

In this story, we will talk about an adorable puppy who was abandoned by his previous owners.

Adorable Dog, Penny

man with dog
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When the famous animal rescuer, Rocky Kanaka, from California, first saw Penny arrive in the shelter, he was a bit disappointed to see she was abandoned.

He tried to locate her owners to see if they would be coming back for her, but they didn’t want her anymore.

This was disheartening, as Penny was a lovable dog who just loved being around other people, and didn’t seem like a troublemaker at all.

Luckily, for her, she didn’t have to wait long for new people to come and rescue her from the shelter.

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Rocky was a bit skeptical if they would show up, as it was not too uncommon for people to sign up for adoption and then not be there when it was time to take the dog home.

However, he put those worries aside, as there was still time until the process was finalized, and he also wanted to spend some more time with Penny.

Rocky decided that he would take Penny out for a nice cup of Puppuccino. They drove to a nearby Starbucks in California for it and were welcomed by curious staff.

While Penny did not seem too interested in eating, she did enjoy attention from the workers there, as they were all dog lovers.

Penny’s In Good Hands

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However, now that their new adventure was over, Rocky and Penny had to wait and see if the new adopters would show up.

Surely enough, those last few hours seemed like they would last forever, but time had finally arrived.

And, as it was meant to be, Penny’s new parents had arrived. Rocky was excited to meet Miguel and Amanda, who just couldn’t wait to see their new dog.

It’s safe to say that their meeting was something truly heartwarming, and it was made apparent to everyone who was there that this beautiful dog finally found his forever home.

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To celebrate, they went to their local pet store, and the challenge was simple. Rocky had to buy anything Penny touched. 

While it seemed like she only went for the big goods, there were a lot of things in the end. Rocky’s total was $391, which, according to him, was not too bad.

In the end, it was time for them to go their own way. Rocky said goodbye to this sweet dog, and she was now finally heading to her forever home with two of the most amazing people she ever met.