Abandoned Mama Dog Kept Looking At The Passers-By, Begging Them To Help Her Newborn Puppies


There is nothing that a mother wouldn’t do for her little babies. Her love toward her children cannot be compared to any other love.

A mama dog named Mina immeasurably loved her puppies. She felt helpless after her owners let her down and abandoned her while she was pregnant. 

Although the doggo was sad and disappointed, her newborn babies gave her strength to move forward and to fight for their survival.

Since the mother dog struggled to find food, she decided to beg the passersby for help.

Despite being hurt by her family, the pup still believed that compassionate and kind humans exist.

The Mama Dog Finds Her Hero

dog walking on street
Source: Rescue Mission HT

While a man was enjoying his morning coffee at a cafe, a stray dog approached him. She began gazing at him with her sorrowful eyes.

The kind human could tell that the doggo just gave birth, and he wondered whether she needed help.

The man followed the dog as she strode along the road. The pup led him to a dirty corner of a dilapidated, abandoned house where she kept her newborn puppies.

It was an unsafe environment, and the narrow place echoed with the babies’ cries. The puppies were hungry.

As soon as she arrived, the mama dog rushed to appease her babies. She looked at the man with tearful eyes as if she begged him to help her family. 

abandoned dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Having witnessed the heartbreaking scene, the man couldn’t hold back his tears. He was determined to bring them to safety.

The babies were glad to see their beloved mother. 

The man heard cries for help that were coming from a pile of rocks. It was one of the puppies that had gotten trapped. 

He immediately rushed to rescue the little baby, and he managed to get him out. 

The good human knew that the canine family couldn’t continue living in such an unsafe environment.

Rescuing The Canine Family

dog in a box
Source: Rescue Mission HT

The man found a box and placed the puppies inside. 

He took the canine family to the clinic, where they were given a medical examination. Luckily, the whole family was found to be in good health.

The dogs’ hero brought them home and prepared them a place to stay. 

The mama dog, whom he named Mina, was delighted and relieved because her babies were safe.

Although the man was still a student, he spent his savings on nutritional food for Mina. He wanted the babies to have more milk and to thrive faster.

dog nursing puppies
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Mina felt content because she could care for her puppies in a warm and cozy home. 

The worried look disappeared from her face. Her heart was filled with gratitude toward their giant-hearted caregiver.

The fur babies felt happy and cared for.

Sweet Life At Their Rescuer’s Home

photo of puppies
Source: Rescue Mission HT

As days passed, the puppies grew fast. Mina couldn’t stop smiling as she watched them thrive. She was overjoyed.

The pups’ rescuer made sure the canine family had everything they needed. 

Taking care of them made him feel relaxed and happy. He often snuggled with the sweet babies, showering them with a lot of love.

The puppies started running around and exploring the man’s home. They were wagging their little tails with a smile on their adorable faces. 

The furballs were enjoying their puppyhood.

mama dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Their rescuer felt happy because he saved the canine family.

Due to his compassion and kindness, their lives changed. The pups received a ton of love, and they enjoyed the warmth and comfort of a home.

The mother dog will always be grateful to the compassionate man because he jumped to her family’s rescue when they needed help the most.