Mama Dog Didn’t Know How To Keep Her Babies Safe On A Road But Then Someone Amazing Came To Their Aid


While Kristin Erwin, an experienced rescuer, was driving along a busy Texas road, she noticed movement in the nearby bushes that made her screech to a stop. 

As soon as she got out of her car, the rescuer realized that an entire furry family was hiding on the side of a road, trying to find shelter from the rain.

The mama dog looked tired while she was lying and watching over her six puppies. Unaware of their situation, her babies were playfully stretching out and rolling in the grass.

The moment the mother dog saw the rescuer, she looked at her with incredibly sorrowful eyes.

Erwin understood how helpless and heartbroken she felt.

The Canine Family In Need Of Help

dog and puppies in bush
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The avid rescuer was determined to get the doggo and her fur babies to safety.

She later learned that animal control was trying to save the canine family for over a year, but the fearful mama kept avoiding being captured.

When Erwin tried to approach the furry family, they left their hiding place.

The kind-hearted rescuer started following the doggo and her babies from a safe distance.

“Mom was skittish of people, but she tried her best to keep them safe,” Erwin wrote on her TikTok.

After the canine family entered a crate that someone left for them, the rescuer quickly snuck up and closed the door.

dog in the basket
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The mama and her puppies were safe. She breathed a sigh of relief. 

Since the door couldn’t latch, Erwin sat next to the crate and called her friend to help her.

The mother dog looked confused and defeated. She still didn’t realize that her and her children’s lives were about to change.

Decompressing In A Loving Home

mama dog breastfeeding puppies
Source: Kristin Erwin

Erwin took the canine family home.

On their first day with the rescuer, the mother dog was distrustful of her. She kept looking at Erwin with a worried expression on her face.

After seeing that the mama dog let her handle her babies, Erwin was convinced that she would win the doggo over.

“She lets me handle her chunky babies and change their bedding. These are all good signs. She’ll come around, poor girl just needs time to trust,”  the rescuer wrote in a Facebook post.

The little babies were happy to be with their mama in a warm home. They kept cuddling with her, showing her how much they adored her.

In the beginning, the mama dog didn’t want to leave the crate, and she refused to go outside.

mama dog feeding her babies
Source: Kristin Erwin

The giant-hearted rescuer worked patiently with her, making her feel relaxed and doing her best to win her over. She hand-fed her, showering her with affection and positive affirmations.

Erwin felt overjoyed when the mama dog began wagging her tail and letting her rescuer cuddle her. 

Little by little, Erwin gained her trust, and she carried the dog outside.

Hoping To Find Their Happiness

adopted dog holding head in human hand
Source: @streetheartstx

After realizing that she could trust Erwin, the doggo’s heart was filled with hope. 

The sweet mother dog no longer looked heartbroken and distrustful. She began smiling and taking in all her rescuer’s love.

“She was so tired and ready to be helped. Now we can celebrate all her accomplishments and tell her how loved she is,” Erwin wrote.

Forgotten Coast Animal Rescue, located in Houston, Texas, took over the care of the brave mama and her babies.

As soon as the canine family feels ready, they’ll start looking for their forever homes. 

Hopefully, they will find loving parents who will dote on them and give them the infinite love that all dogs deserve.


Replying to @Dez Momma dog has been making progress every day since being rescued off the streets. I’m told she was a fearful stray in that area for about a YEAR and animal control made multiple attempts to trap her. I’m so glad I caught her off guard and was able to close her in that crate. She was so tired and ready to be helped. Now we can celebrate all her accomplishments and tell her how loved she is!

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