Mom Saw Her Pup’s “Weird New Smile” And Couldn’t Hold In Her Laughter


Having a dog as a pet is a true blessing. He will give you all the love he has in his heart and be loyal for the rest of his life. 

Lola, the mom of one special dog, knows this best. Her pup, Mailo, has brought nothing but immense joy and happiness to their house since he first stepped on its floor. He immediately showed that he had a truly special personality. 

However, what makes this dog stand out is its irresistible smile, which never ceases to amaze Lola and other family members. It was the same during one visit to grandmas, but this time, not only did his mom’s heart melt, but her face also contorted with laughter.

A Truly Unique Smile

black dog laying on a couch
Source: @lola.txm

The weekend has finally arrived and Lola decided to spend it in the relaxing atmosphere of her grandmother’s house. Although Mailo’s energy often defies the word “relaxing”, she couldn’t leave him alone so he came with her.

When they arrived at Grandma’s, peace could be felt in the air. Still, by Mailo’s standards, it was too peaceful. That’s why he put a recognizable smile on his face, left the room where his mom was while her eyes were directed elsewhere, and sneaked into another room.

Before Lola even realized that Mailo had disappeared from the room, a dog appeared in front of her that looked like it had fallen out of a cartoon. 

dog with open mouth
Source: @lola.txm

It was Mailo but in the other edition. Although he always had a special smile, this time, it was completely different from all the previous ones.

“I was very surprised to see it,” Lola told The Dodo. “It made me laugh a lot.”

It turned out that Mailo’s smile was given a special touch by the grandma’s dentures, which, for some reason, he decided to “taste”.

Lola found this so hilarious that she couldn’t help but record the scene and share the video on her TikTok profile, @lola.txm.

@lola.txm mailo con la placa de mi abuela parte 2 ahora si se la puso bien #fyp #dog #dogsoftiktok #funny ♬ Falling for ya – .

Even Grandma Laughed

Immediately after Lola finally managed to control her laughter, she slowly approached Mailo, grabbed his jaw with one hand, and took out her grandma’s dentures with the other

She carefully scrubbed each artificial tooth on the dentures so that her grandmother would not have any unpleasant experiences. Although she didn’t have to, Lola still informed her grandma that Mailo had rented her most important body aid. 

Grandma wasn’t thrilled when she first heard the news, but when she saw the video, she couldn’t stop laughing either.

“[My grandma] laughed and laughed,” Lola said. “Everyone in the house laughed a lot. It was unexpected.”

cute black dog with tongue out
Source: @lola.txm

In the end, Mailo gave Lola, her grandmother, and the rest of the family a moment that would remain in their fond memories forever. 

Since intense laughter produces the happy hormone, when they are not feeling well, they can always remember Mailo’s smile and put their own back on their face.