Construction Workers Realized There Was A Wandering Dog Nearby So They Decided To Help Him


All stray dogs dream of finally finding their forever home. Coming to shelters represents the first step in making their wish come true.

Elliot, an adorable stray puppy, took matters into his own paws. In search of his forever family, he went to a place where he thought was the best – a hospital construction site.

Let’s see how his plan turned out.

An Adorable Visitor

tiny puppy sleeping
Source: Suzette Hall

Elliot was found in a hospital area that was undergoing renovation in Irvine, California. The construction workers spotted him and they did their best to help him.

The pup was a bit timid and he didn’t let anybody approach him.

At first, the construction workers tried to rescue the pup, but they failed to catch him each time. Wishing their little visitor to be as comfortable as possible, they gave him a blanket.

The pup, later named Elliot, loved it, and ever since then, he was seen lying on his blanket. The construction workers made sure Elliot was not hungry. They fed him and took care of him.

tiny puppy
Source: Suzette Hall

Soon, they contacted Suzette Hall, a rescuer and the founder of Logan’s Legacy. She was committed to helping him and she immediately came to the site. However, Elliot didn’t let her come close to him.

He was hiding at the construction site, and Hall had no other choice but to set up a humane trap with a hot dog as bait.

Two hours later, Elliot went into the trap. He was finally rescued and he was taken to the vet who prescribed him some antibiotics to treat his infections. He had an X-ray and an ultrasound. The vets were surprised to find out that little Elliot had eaten a spring.

“That’s how hungry he was. He would just eat anything,” Hall said.

Fortunately, no medical intervention was needed and Elliot passed the spring on his own.

New Life

tiny puppy at home
Source: Suzette Hall

Soon, Elliot was ready to go to a foster home, and he loved his foster mom, Tracy Freidman. He opened up to her, and he was no longer a shy pup.

“First, he was scared, but now he’s so sweet,” Hall said. “She said he’s perfect.”

His foster mom knew how much he loved blankets and she bought him a tower of blankets. Elliot loved the gift.

Elliot dreamed of having a forever family, and soon, he found it. On April 9th, in 2023, Suzette Hall wrote in her Facebook post that he was adopted. He now lives by the sea. 

He is the only dog in the family, and Suzette is convinced that he would be given lots of love.As he started his new life, Elliot changed his name to Vinny. 

It’s wonderful to see how he showers his new mom with love and kisses.

We are overjoyed that his wish of finding a loving family came true.