Puppy Dumped Near A River Finds Someone Amazing Who Cared For Him In His Final Moments


Everyone should know that the meaning of a dog’s life is the relationship with his beloved human and that his whole world revolves around it. Unfortunately, many people are either unaware of this or simply ignore the fact. 

This leads to many heartbreaking situations that dogs find themselves in, and sadly, some never recover. Today’s story is the best proof of that, and it is about an abandoned puppy who was found at a river by kind-hearted people. 

One good soul did everything to make the puppy remember this world as a place full of love and kindness. 

Heartbreaking Cries

abandoned dog
Source: Animal Rescue

As soon as this woman got the call about an abandoned puppy spotted at the river, she didn’t wait a minute but immediately rushed to that place. When she got there, she was greeted by the little puppy who was shaking with fear and pain, with foam in his mouth.

People who found him didn’t know how the puppy had gotten there in the first place, but they assumed that he had been abandoned. Another mystery was his loud cries, which they believed to be the result of unbearable pain

Whatever it was, this big-hearted woman didn’t want to think about it anymore but instantly went into action. She took the little one in her arms, brought him to the car, and soon they were on their way to the vet. 

dog wrapped up in a blanket
Source: Animal Rescue

When they got to the veterinary clinic, Mali, as they named the puppy, was still shaking and crying. However, the vets did not find any serious disease, so they assumed that he was in such a state due to huge stress caused by the abandonment

In the meantime, they found out that some people saw him in the river, and that he got to the ground on his own. Considering that, it is no wonder that he was in such a bad psychological state. 

vet holding the dog
Source: Animal Rescue

On top of everything, they later discovered that Mali had neurological issues, which explained the foam in his mouth when he was found at the river.

Yet, despite all the difficulties, these great people, and especially his savior, were determined to show Mali what true love really means. 

Showered With Love

woman holding the dog
Source: Animal Rescue

The very next day, Mali was feeling better and the people who cared for him couldn’t hide their delight. Unfortunately, he still wasn’t able to eat on his own, but the vets and his savior were convinced that this too would change quickly. 

After a few days of intensive care and therapy, Mali was finally ready to be discharged from the clinic. His savior welcomed the news with enthusiasm and gladly accepted to be his foster mom until he fully recovered and met his happy ending.

Although the road to full recovery was still very long, Mali showed that he was a great fighter and that he would not give up so easily. His foster mom helped him along the way, providing him with everything he needed – from food and water to a warm and comfy bed. 

dog lying in a red blanket
Source: Animal Rescue

However, more than anything else, this little guy benefited from the immense love his mom showered him with. The wounds on his soul caused by the action of the person who so heartlessly threw him into that river could not be healed in any other way. 

In that process, these two created a really strong bond, and their lives were like a fairy tale in the few days they spent together. This woman could no longer imagine life without her Mali. 

close-up photo of woman holding the dog
Source: Animal Rescue

Sadly, she would soon have to face the harsh reality. 

In A Better Place

Mali’s foster mom couldn’t stop thanking God that her fur baby was alive and well. She lived in the belief that there was no end to their love and happiness, and that fueled her heart. 

photo of woman holding the dog
Source: Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, a week after Mali was discharged from the clinic, his condition suddenly worsened, and he had to go to the vet again. There, they gave him a new therapy in the hope it would solve his health issues. 

His mom was always by his side and gave him all her love and support. The little one, on the other side, proved to be a great fighter who would open his eyes again and again when everyone thought it was over. 

This gave his mom hope for a happy ending, as well as the strength to endure these difficult moments. Unfortunately, two weeks after she first met him, all hope was gone as Mali closed his eyes for the last time

black and white photo of the dog
Source: Animal Rescue

After everything they went through together, both happy and difficult moments, his mom had to say the final goodbye. Just like he cried when she saw him for the first time, now she couldn’t hold back her tears because of her broken heart. 

However, after she spread her last tear over his tiny body, a moment of intense happiness passed through her. She knew that her Mali was now in a better place as he left this world showered with the love and kindness that she selflessly gave him. 

Mali crossed the rainbow bridge with a smile.