Injured Mama Dog Did Her Best To Help Her Puppies And Then Everything Changed One Day


For any animal, living on the street is very hard.

Most of their time is spent trying to find scraps of food in order to survive, and shelter that will keep them safe from the cold or even hot weather.

One such animal was a pup named Namwan who, despite her extremely hard life, had to keep going since there was somebody who really needed her – her litter.

One Strong Mama

dog lying in the street with puppies
Source: The Moho

Namwan was a mama pup who had a very hard life.

Apart from living on the streets and trying to raise her babies, she was seriously injured.

Even though her rescuers had no idea what really happened to her, they knew that it wasn’t important anymore. The only important thing was to get this mama and her pups somewhere safe.

close-up photo of dog living in the street
Source: The Moho

After finding out that she had been lying on the street injured for four days without any food, the rescuers immediately brought her some yummy treats so that she could fill up her belly and feed her babies.

At first, Namwan was very cautious about her rescuers, but she quickly understood that they were only there to help, so she lowered her guard and allowed them to pick her up, as well as her litter, and take her to their car.

hand petting the injured dog
Source: The Moho

Finally Safe

The rescuers rushed the little family to the vet where they received a head-to-tail checkup as well as the treatment necessary for their recovery.

Namwan’s body was full of wounds that needed to be tended to, but luckily, she was in very good hands now.

dog lying on play mat in the car
Source: The Moho

The little family stayed at the vet in order to be closely observed, and after only eleven days, Namwan’s health made incredible progress.

Namwan now loves spending time surrounded by all of the hoomans who helped her, and she can’t thank them enough for what they did for her and her babies.  

This strong mama and her litter will stay at the vet until they make a full recovery. Afterward, they will be relocated to a shelter where they will finally get the chance to live a happy and healthy life.

rescuer hugging the dog
Source: The Moho

Final Word

It is incredible just how big of a difference a hooman can make in a pup’s life.

If it wasn’t for these incredible rescuers, who knows what would have happened to this poor family.

Now, they are finally able to relax and spend their time having fun, not worrying about whether they will have food or not.