Pup Abandoned By Owners On A Busy Freeway Stayed In The Same Exact Spot Hoping It Was Just A Misunderstanding


Sometimes, hoomans tend to forget that our pups don’t see us as their owners; they see us as the most important person in their lives, their best friend, their soulmate.

They get emotionally tied and dependent on us, and even leaving them for too long makes them feel depressed.

Imagine how bad they feel after they are abandoned…

Unfortunately, the beautiful boy of today’s story knew exactly how this felt.

Rescue Mission

pup on the sidewalk
Source: Suzette Hall

Even though Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, a rescue organization based in Irvine, California, has countless rescues underneath her belt, whenever she receives information about an animal in need, her heart breaks like it’s her first rescue ever.

So when she found out about a pup who was dumped on a scary, busy highway by his previous owner, she knew she had no time to lose.

Calling her friend, Arturo, for backup, the two rescuers headed down to the location, even though it was already late in the night.

As soon as they arrived, they realized how severe the situation was.

The street was super busy, and the pup was absolutely terrified. A homeless man told the rescuers that ever since he was abandoned, he stayed in the same spot, probably waiting for his owners to come back for him.

Hall and Arturo knew that if they approached the pup suddenly, there was a chance that he would run into the traffic and end up seriously injuring himself.

“I honestly could not have done this rescue by myself. And I am so thankful to Arturo for being there with me and for helping me. One wrong move and he would have run into the oncoming traffic,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post.

One Chance To Get It Right

Because of the situation, the determined rescuers knew that they had to come up with a really good plan that would allow them to catch the pup on the first try.

They decided to build a little closed area from a mattress, some boxes, and wood that were lying around.

Arturo and Hall carefully cornered him inside the area, blocking him with a piece of wood since the poor guy was so scared and confused that he tried to run away.

“After a lot of struggle and Arturo holding up the area he was trying to escape from I finally got him in my snare,” Hall wrote.

sad abandoned pup
Source: Suzette Hall

The amount of relief that both Hall and Arturo felt after finally getting the pup safe was indescribable.

They immediately got him inside of their car and drove off to the vet clinic delighted at the fact that they offered yet another pup another chance at life.

New Chapter

pup sitting on couch
Source: Suzette Hall

Because of such a nerve-wracking rescue, Hall came up with the perfect name for the pup.

“This wasn’t easy, his life was in our hands but we took a chance and that is why we named him Chance,” Hall wrote.

Hearing about the scary situation he was in, the vet staff decided to give Chance a nice, relaxing spa day that made him look like a million bucks.

pup lying on a blanket
Source: Suzette Hall

A big thank you to these two incredible rescuers for not giving up and giving this sweet angel another shot at a happy life.

You guys are incredible!