Shelter Workers Couldn’t Believe Why This Owner Surrendered His Dog After 7 Years


Dogs are beings whose whole world revolves around their favorite human. Because of that, they are the happiest when they’re in a warm home with a loving family that won’t disappoint them till the very end. 

Sadly, that is not always the case, and many canines end up with broken hearts when their favorite people decide to abandon them when they need them the most. 

It is especially hard for these innocent souls when they have spent most of their lives with a loving family and they suddenly end up between the four walls of a kennel. Lately, we hear numerous such stories and today’s one is no different. 

In fact, it is one of the most heartbreaking, and the reaction from the shelter staff that brought this dog to their premises is the best proof of that.  

He Was Suddenly All Alone

photo of a sad dog
Source: Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue

A seven-year-old dog, Rooney, has spent his whole life in a warm home and he has never experienced what it means to be left all alone in a shelter. Sadly, after his 7th birthday, he was forced to learn how that truly felt when his family left him in a local shelter. 

According to the Facebook post published by Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue, Rooney’s family decided to get rid of him because they were expecting a baby. In the photo below, it was stated that the owner wasn’t able to give him enough attention anymore. 

That’s how poor Rooney suddenly found himself in a dark place within the shelter, surrounded by unknown people and many other canines who were terrified almost as much as he was. 

dog lying on the ground
Source: Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue

“Dogs can smell the fear in the building, they can smell the [euthanasia] of dogs that have to be euthanized due the incredible lack of space that every single shelter is dealing with,” it was stated in the post, pointing out to the state of that shelter. 

In just one day, Rooney’s whole world fell apart, and he could no longer find happiness anywhere around him. His fate was suddenly hanging in the balance.

Luckily, good people from Dog Ranch Rescue, a non-profit organization located in Anna, Texas, found out about him and decided to react. One of their employees, Ricky, was soon on his way to the shelter where Rooney was going through his most difficult life moments. 

They Were Furious

sad dog in a car with a man
Source: Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue

As soon as Ricky came to the shelter, he took Rooney in his arms, transferred him to the car, and they were on the way to their premises in Anna, Texas. When Ricky finally brought him there and the staff saw the dog’s depressed face, they were totally heartbroken. 

However, the sadness and despair soon emerged into absolute fury. That could best be seen in their post published on Facebook. 

“I am so sick and tired of people ‘getting rid of their dogs’ because you had a baby, a change in your life, blah blah blah blah blah…” it is stated in the post. “I know some are more compassionate about it than I am but I’m just not…”

The person who wrote this post also addressed Rooney’s former owner directly, telling him everything he carried in his heart. 

“I always wonder did it make you feel bad while you stood in line? did you look back at him when you walked away, did you see his face asking you what the hell? did you forget about him 5 minutes later? 10 minutes maybe?” it was stated. 

abandoned dog named rooney
Source: Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue

At the end of the post, the shelter staff welcomed Rooney to their premises, promising to find him a new home and people who would not betray him like his previous owner did.

While Rooney is still recovering from a deep wound inflicted on his soul, we hope that he will overcome all the difficulties and emerge victorious. At least seven more years of happiness in a warm home with people who will truly love and respect him is the least this senior dog deserves.