Heartbroken Pittie Just Stayed In The Same Spot When She Realized Her Owner Abandoned Her


Meet Halo – a skinny little girl who was found in the middle of the woods in Mississippi, curled up in the ball and barely alive. 

The rescuers received a call about a vicious Pitbull in the woods, but upon arrival, they were shocked by the actual state of the dog.

Just one look at her was enough to completely break their hearts. Halo wasn’t vicious at all. 

She was blind, neglected, and emaciated to the point that she was ready to let go if the rescuers didn’t show up.   

Curled Up In The Forest 

abandoned dog in woods
Source: Stacey Frazier

Stacey and her husband, Mike, play a huge role in the rescue community in Mississippi. 

If you have adopted a Mississippi rescue dog from the Lucky Dog Refuge shelter in Stamford, Connecticut, chances are that Stacey was the one who gave them a second chance. 

Halo was one of those many dogs. 

When Halo was found in the middle of the woods, she was literally a skeleton just skin and bones. 

Stacey and her husband somehow managed to draw her out of the woods with the help of some delicious food, but her condition was terrifying. 

Because of her condition, it was clear that poor Halo had been denied basic necessities, such as food and shelter for weeks, months, if not years. 

She was most likely used for breeding until the moment she wasn’t ‘useful’ anymore to her owner, so they decided to dump her in the woods. 

woman walking a dog
Source: Stacey Frazier

“Her ears were cut with a pair of scissors, and she was most likely used for breeding. One eye is injured and damaged, the other is blind probably from an eye disease that should have been treated,” Stacey Frazier wrote in her Facebook post.   

It is simply terrifying to think what this poor dog had endured, but thankfully, she has finally found herself in the right hands. 

The Road To Recovery 

white blind dog
Source: Stacey Frazier

They decided to name her Halo because they weren’t even sure if she was going to make it, but luckily, she did. 

Stacey brought her home, and they immediately started her treatment with some antibiotics and good nutrition. 

There were a couple of moments when they really weren’t sure if she was going to make it, but she was a true fighter. 

“We knew that her sight was definitely impaired, but we didn’t know if she was fully blind until the doctor confirmed it. We do think that she can see shadows, but she’ll just walk right into a telephone pole,” Jessica from Lucky Dog Refuge told The Dodo.  

woman petting blind dog
Source: Lucky Dog Refuge CT

With Stacey, Halo finally understood what love truly feels like. For the first time ever in her life, she was treated nicely by one human being, so she was very happy. 

It took months for her to finally recover, and when she finally did, it was time for her transfer to the rescue in Connecticut. 

Halo Found A Forever Home 

couple and blind dog
Source: Lucky Dog Refuge CT

Once Halo arrived at the rescue, she was so happy – a completely different dog from when she was found in the woods. 

The shelter quickly found out that Halo loved ice cream and would always get so excited to get one. 

“She lets us know every day that she’s grateful for everything that she has now. She’s just an angel,” Jessica said. 

However, one thing was still missing – a loving forever home. 

Then, the most amazing thing happened – beautiful little Halo found the perfect forever home where she’s simply thriving. 

But, that’s not all – her pawrents also decided to adopt Halo’s best friend from the shelter – Layne – so the two are now living their best lives together. 

woman and dogs in forest
Source: Lucky Dog Refuge CT

Enjoy your new life, Halo, you deserve it! 

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