Matted Dog Hiding Under A Car Was Desperate For Help And Then Met The People Who Changed Her Life


No one can cheer a man up like his best furry friend. Only a dog possesses unlimited love and loyalty toward humans, and this is what makes him special in a our life.

Unfortunately, sometimes dogs are the ones who also make us infinitely sad. Yet, they are not the ones who are to blame for it, but the situations in which they find themselves, most often due to the irresponsible and heartless behavior of the man himself.

This is exactly what these good people witnessed one day when they noticed a fur ball under a car. As soon as they took a closer look, their hearts broke when they saw the situation in which one poor dog found herself. 

Desperate State

horribly matted dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Although they were absolutely heartbroken, these people quickly managed to pull themselves together because they knew this dog needed immediate help. They saw that she was shaking with hunger, so they gave her some food. 

Aside from the fact that she hadn’t eaten anything for a long time, this dog was also terribly matted, and her fur was covered in mud. To make matters worse, she was very frightened, and they couldn’t gain her trust. 

Still, they had to find a way to bring her to their house, so they decided to take food with them in the hope that she would follow them. To their delight, that was exactly what happened. 

matted dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

When they came to the entrance of the house, they put a bowl of food there for her to satisfy her hunger. Unfortunately, the moment they looked the other way, she disappeared.

The next morning, she came back, but for some reason, she immediately left. These people, however, didn’t want to give up, so they used the images on the security camera to locate her residence. 

woman looking at matted dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

They managed to find out that she was sleeping in an old cardboard box located in a small alley. These people immediately rushed to that place, and they were finally able to lure her in and bring her to safety. 

Finally Saved

After 30 minutes of getting to know each other, one of the rescuers brought the dog to her car. They first went to the supermarket, where this woman bought all the necessary items for her recovery. 

dog in a kennel in a trunck
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Two hours later, when they were done with the shopping and other activities, they were on their way to the hospital. As soon as they got there, the vet “screamed” that this dog needed a grooming session. 

The doctor himself cut her hair, cleaned her body, and gave her a good bath. She was a brand-new dog and looked much better. 

woman petting the dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Immediately after that, the doctor did some health tests. To his delight, and especially that of her savior, there were no major health issues except for one nutritional deficiency that made her underweight. 

Because of this, there was no need to keep the dog in the hospital. Instead, the doctor gave her rescuer instructions on how to care for her at home. It was nothing complicated, and the predictions of a successful recovery were bright

dog reaching up to woman
Source: Rescue Mission HT

It was exactly like that because this dog was getting better and better every day. Her savior as well as her entire family gave her a lot of love and attention, so this recovery was simply destined to end happily. 

Happy Days

One month after she was saved, this dog’s health completely recovered, and her life was finally a blessing. 

She enjoyed every minute spent with her loving family, and that could be best seen when they took her on a family trip with them one day. This dog was so happy that she couldn’t take the smile off her face. For these people, it was a true delight to have her in their lives. 

woman holding up the dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

To the people who rescued her, this dog brought one of the saddest moments in their lives. However, since they did not give up on their journey toward the stars, that same journey with her led them to a happy and blessed life. 

In the end, even those sad moments became fond memories.