Abandoned Pup Finally Feels Comfort When His Rescuers Save Him From Street Life


I will never understand how some people can be so heartless and betray their dogs – the most faithful creatures. 

How can anyone look at a canines’ sweet eyes and abandon them without feeling any remorse?

Rusty felt like his whole world fell apart after his owner left him and deprived him of the only home he ever knew.

The abandoned pooch couldn’t hide the sorrow in his eyes.

People who noticed him wandering the area wished to help him, and they often fed him. Although the pup appreciated their help, he didn’t let them approach him.

Rusty spent his days hiding in front of a shop that used to be his home. The doggo still didn’t give up hope of reuniting with his owner.

A Good Human Answers The Call For Help

dog eats on the street
Source: Lorena Luvspaul

A kind-hearted woman named Lorena Luvspaul noticed a sad-looking dog roaming the streets in Lynwood, California. 

She tried to rescue the canine, later named Rusty, but he refused to be captured.

Luvspaul posted pictures of the pup on Lynwood Lost And Found Paws and asked someone to help her rescue him.

Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, a rescue based in Irvine, California, saw her call for help, and she immediately reached out.

Hall sent one of the experienced rescuers, Mary Nakiso, to the location where the dog was seen. 

After Nakiso joined Luvspaul, the two giant-hearted women began searching for Rusty. They were determined to bring him to safety.

The rescuers learned that the pup lived in a body shop that belonged to his owner. After the careless owner sold the shop, they left their pup desperately waiting for them.

“His owner sold the shop and left him there. Poor baby was exhausted, hungry and sad,” Suzette Hall wrote on Facebook.

When Nakiso and Luvspaul saw the abandoned pup and the sadness in his eyes, they felt brokenhearted. 

hairy dog on the street
Source: Lorena Luvspaul

His fur was tangled and covered in oil. The pooch looked at the good humans and begged for help with tearful eyes. 

It seemed like he accepted the fact that his owner would not be coming back. 

After Nakiso set a humane trap, she and Luvspaul began talking to the pup, trying to offer him some comfort. 

Rusty felt that he could trust his rescuers and he entered the trap.

The Pup Is Finally Safe

hairy dog looking sad
Source: Lorena Luvspaul

The pup’s rescuers caressed him, showing him much-needed love. Rusty was relieved because someone cared for him.

Nakiso took him to the vet. They gave him a medical checkup and scanned him for a microchip.

After finding out that Rusty had a microchip, Hall called his owner, hoping that they would want to reunite with their faithful dog.

Sadly, the owner didn’t answer the call, and they never called back.

The rescuer felt sad because the pup was betrayed by the person he trusted the most.

Hall and Nakiso cuddled Rusty. They promised him that they would take care of him and shower him with love.

He would never be abandoned again.

I hope that the loyal pup will soon find humans who will show him what love feels like. He deserves to find a loving family who will never give up on him.