This Sweet Pup Left His Favorite Toy At The Door And The Reason Is So Heartwarming


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I’m pretty sure that all of us had that one toy that we got when we were young that we were simply obsessed with.

We slept with it, played with it, and took it with us wherever we went. However, we hoomans aren’t the only ones who have a special relationship with toys.

Animals also find companionship in them and must have them by their side at all times – sometimes even more than we did.

In today’s story, you will witness an incredible friendship between a pup and its favorite toy – a Lamb Chop.

Best Friends

husky with toy on the couch
Source: Twitter

It is no secret that a Husky named Niko loves spending time with those whom he loves.

Whether it is cuddling with his mom, Broti Gupta, or playing fetch with his dad, Niko’s fun time is always overbooked.

However, this pup recently came across a new friend with whom he, in the shortest period ever, became inseparable.

“[M]y dog is OBSESSED with his Lamb Chop toy,” Niko’s mom wrote on X.

husky with his toy
Source: Twitter

Even though this pup had many toys in his life, nothing even came close to this one.

Ever since Niko laid his eyes on the Lamb Chop plushie, he knew that it was going to be perfect for all of his playful and cuddly needs.

“He hugs it constantly. He won’t go anywhere in the house without it,” Gupta wrote.

Never Apart

For Niko, it doesn’t matter what he or his family is doing, his plushie will always be by his side. He will proudly carry it around the house and, whenever it is nap time, Niko will cuddle up with Lamb Chop under his chin.

dog with toy
Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, the only time Niko isn’t accompanied by his best friend is when he has to go outside.

Because of this, this smart pup decided that if he couldn’t have him outside, he would be the first one to greet him when he came inside.

dog sleeping with his toy
Source: Twitter

“He literally puts it in front of the door on our way out so it can be the first thing he sees when we get back. Does he think it’s his child? His mom?” Gupta wrote.

But, Gupta was soon about to find out that her dog wasn’t the only one who had such a strong love for this plushie.

Underneath her post, countless dog parents showed off their pups and just how much they loved this same adorable plushie.

dogs with their toys
Source: Twitter

Seeing all of these pups and how much they loved their Lamb Chops truly overjoyed both Gupta and Niko.

Nikos’s parents had no idea just how big of an influence a little stuffed animal would have on their pup, but they sure are happy that they got it!