Pregnant Dog Abandoned By Owner Was Struggling To Care For Her Babies Until Rescuers Arrived


We often say that the love of a dog for his beloved human can not be compared with anything else. In most cases, that is true because our furry friends give all their heart to us and are ready to stay loyal for the rest of their lives. 

Unfortunately, some people are either not aware of that or just heartlessly don’t care, doing things that hurt their canines. One man did exactly that when he threw his pregnant dog onto the street, leaving her to fend for herself when she needed him the most. 

Although those were the most difficult moments of her life, another strong kind of love kept her alive and helped her overcome all the hardships. 

A Mother’s Love For Her Children

mother dog and newborn puppies
Source: Paws Show

With a huge belly and the puppies on their way, a dog named Frida was desperately wandering the streets in the hope that she would find a nice place for her and her babies. 

Frida soon discovered an old, deserted shed where she decided to settle in. It was cold and dark in there, but it was the best shelter she could find. At least she had a roof over her head so her babies wouldn’t get wet. 

Soon, the happiest moment in every mother’s life came for Firda. She gave birth to eight cute puppies. Frida was over the moon because of this magical moment, but her emotions were still mixed. She was aware that her children wouldn’t have an ideal puppyhood. 

mother dog protecting the puppies
Source: Paws Show

However, that didn’t stop her from doing everything she could to protect them. She was always close to them and always alert. Frida decided that she would not let anyone harm them, even if her life hung in the balance.

Of course, she had to go get them food from time to time, but those were the only moments she was separated from her babies. The rest of the time, she showered them with kisses, licked them clean, and kept them warm. 

mother dog and eight puppies
Source: Paws Show

Frida was truly an example of a compassionate and caring mother. 

Heaven Rewarded Her

cute dog on a blue leash
Source: Paws Show

Although Frida successfully coped with all the problems on her own, she began to get tired and secretly longed for someone to help her. Her wish was soon granted because one kind-hearted woman found her and her little ones

This woman, along with some other good souls, saw how hard Frida was trying to protect her babies, so they immediately decided to help her. They brought her some food and fresh water, and although she was wary at first, they soon managed to gain her trust. 

woman feeding puppies
Source: Paws Show

After Frida and her puppies had quenched their thirst and hunger, these good people transferred them to their car, and they were soon on their way to safety. They were all welcomed with open arms in their new home. 

The big-hearted humans got the puppies everything they needed and continued to take care of them. Frida was still worried about her children, but she was finally able to relax at least a bit and enjoy her everyday life. 

cute mother dog
Source: Paws Show

In the meantime, the puppies grew and became increasingly healthy and happy. Frida was blessed because her children were safe, and the whole family was together. Everything finally fell into place. 

Although she had to suffer heartbreak from the one she trusted the most and take care of her beloved children all alone, this brave mother did not lose hope and was guided by immense motherly love for her children. 

In the end, everything paid off, and heaven rewarded her with good souls who brought her and her children a life worth living.