5 Reasons Behind Your Dog Peeing On Your Bed


Potty training has probably not been an easy part of your coexistence with a furry companion. Although you have successfully gone through this process, all of a sudden your dog started peeing in undesirable places. Why is this happening? Why does my dog pee on my bed?

Every dog owner will be thrilled when his puppy becomes puppy trained. Finally, the moment has come for you to stop cleaning the mess your dog makes inside your home.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that your dog will never again pee in the places where he is not supposed to. 

Simply, our dogs might be very intelligent, but, there will always be some behaviors of theirs that might make us go inside.

However, before you think of yelling at your dog, or even punishing him, you should read the following reasons why your dog is peeing on your bed.

Why Does My Dog Pee On My Bed?

fluffy pomeranian puppy and urine puddle

There are some dogs that are considered as easy to potty train, but this will depend a lot on every individual dog, and on the dog owner also.

This process in most cases will require patience, persistence, and a lot of you cleaning your puppy’s accidents around your house!

But, eventually, you will get there. Even the most stubborn dogs will learn not to pee inside your home. 

So, I understand your frustration if your dog buddy keeps peeing inside. Moreover, your bed seems to be your dog’s favorite place to pee! Obviously, this is an unwanted behavior in your dog, and something you need to figure out how to correct.

Before you will be able to do this, you should first discover why your dog suddenly started peeing on your bed.

1. Lack Of Training

dog in front of a puddle of pee

Lack of training in your dog might be the reason why he is peeing on your bed. This does not only relate to dog’s potty training, but also to obedience training.

If your dog is not such a well-behaved dog in general, his peeing on your bed might be just one sign of a lack of training in your dog.

If this is the case, you will need to work harder to train your dog. If your pooch is among the least obedient dog breeds, you might even need the help of a professional dog trainer!

2. Separation Anxiety

Dog’s anxiety is the reason behind so many undesirable dog behaviors. A type of anxiety that hits the dogs most is separation anxiety.

This kind of anxiety can cause your dog to bark and whine a lot when you are not there, to destroy your furniture or your shoes, and – to even pee on your bed.

If your puppy is used to having you around, leaving him alone at home might be a kind of shock for him.

This doesn’t even have to be a longer period of time – your puppy might become anxious even if you are away from home for a short period of time.

It is probably impossible for you to stay home all day long, of course. Still, there are some things you can do to make your puppy feel less anxious, and, therefore, to prevent him from peeing on your bed.

I’ll explain this little bit further in the text.

3. Change In A Routine

adorable boston terrier puppy

One thing that all dogs love is an everyday routine. This is why it is so essential to establish a puppy schedule from your dog’s early age.

So, dogs love to have the same schedule every day – like, having meals at the same time, having walks before going to sleep, having potty breaks every couple of hours, etc.

Dogs do not enjoy changes, so, if you have changed some part of your day recently, your dog might be peeing on your bed to show you that he is unhappy about this change.

So, the best would be to always keep up with your puppy’s schedule, provided, of course, if your own schedule allows you to do this.

4. Health Issues

Many dogs start peeing a lot when they struggle with a certain medical problem.

If your dog suddenly started peeing on your bed, this could also indicate that there is something wrong with your dog’s health.

So, what health issues might cause this behavior in your dog? This could be urinary tract infection, kidney problems, or bladder infection.

If your puppy has some of these medical issues, you will probably notice that he is also in great pain, and he might even won’t let you touch him.

Any type of these issues require immediate veterinary assistance.

5. Female Dog In Heat

Female dogs in heat might pee more often than usual. They also might pee in places they are trained not to pee on – like, on your bed.

Also, peeing in bed might be a marking behavior of your female dog.

Female dogs in heat go through hormonal changes, so, this is the period when you will probably notice different behaviors in your dog, including her peeing on your bed.

My Dog Pees On My Bed: How To Stop This?

dog lifting back leg and peeing in the garden

Obviously, nobody wants to change their bed sheets every day because the dog has peed the bed once again!

But, I want to remind you that the first and the most important thing you should do is to discover the exact cause of this behavior in your dog.

In some cases, you will be able to solve the problem on your own, but you might also need to ask for professional help.

Frequent Potty Breaks

You should make sure your dog has enough potty breaks during the day. You should take him out first thing in the morning, after every meal, and a potty break should also be the last thing your dog does before going to bed.

Adult dogs are perfectly capable of holding their pee up to 8 hours, or even longer, but you should not take your chances.

Also, you can never be sure whether your dog has a certain health issue that makes him need to pee more often. So, take your dog for a potty break wherever you can, just to be sure.

Spend More Time With Your Dog

small dog sits in owners lap

Many dogs will pee on their owner’s bed to show them they need more of their attention, and due to feeling anxious for being separated from their humans.

So, you should try to give your dog more attention. Start with extending your walks, or even adding one additional walk to your daily routine. Buy your dog some new toys and his favorite treats and make him super happy! 

Most of all, try to include your furry friend in every activity you are able, especially activities you have outside.

You are your dog’s favorite person and his hours without your presence might be more stressful for him than you can imagine.

See A Vet

If you think your dog peeing on your bed might be a sign your dog is sick, you should also pay attention to other potential symptoms in your dog. Another thing that can be very useful here is the dog urine color chart.

If you notice your dog’s urine has also changed color, this is a warning sign, and you should definitely call a veterinarian right away!

Don’t worry – even if your dog has a certain health issue, your veterinarian is there to help your pooch.


I hope this article was helpful to all worried pet parents that are asking: why does my dog pee on my bed?

Maybe there has been a change in your dog’s routine lately that is making him feel stressed. Maybe your dog suffers from being separated from you.

Peeing in bed might also indicate that your female dog is in heat. Furthermore, your dog might be dealing with some medical problem, and this could be the reason for peeing on your bed.

The only responsible thing to do here is to consult your veterinarian. You might get good news – that everything is in order with your dog’s health. 

But, even if your vet finds some issue in your dog, don’t worry, since you will be able to help your dog with medications and proper care.