Foster Family Decided To Adopt A Senior Pup After They Found Out About His Concerning Medical State


Jenny Leech is a determined rescuer who finds immense joy in helping animals in need, particularly senior and special-needs pups.  

She has dedicated her entire life to providing these animals with the care and love they deserve and has come across many unfortunate cases.

However, after finding out about a stray pup hanging out on a very busy road during the winter, her heart broke.

Despite being rescued by a shelter in Bellwood, Illinois, and given a warm bed, the puppy slowly fell into depression when he realized that not a single hooman stopped by at his kennel and offered him a place at their loving home.

But all of that was soon to change.

New Chapter

dog curled up in dog bed
Source: Jenny Leech

The 14-year-old Chihuahua, now named Chester, decided to keep to himself and retreat to a corner in his kennel. He spent most of his time at the Illinois shelter all alone, dreaming of his perfect life in a happy home with loving hoomans.

However, one day, B.A.A.R.K. Dog Rescue noticed the little sad pup and decided to change his life for the better. After contacting Leech, they managed to secure a temporary home for Chester, allowing him to finally feel loved and appreciated.

senior dog in car
Source: Jenny Leech

Leech was super excited to welcome Chester into her home along with her pack of senior dogs who were ready to shower their new sibling with undivided attention.

“He’s got a few lumps and bumps, [long] nails and is a bit off on the seeing and hearing. After a bath, he joined the ‘Chi Mafia’ effortlessly and is walking around with the big guys like he owns the place,” Leech wrote in a Facebook post.

three dogs in a yard
Source: Jenny Leech

Before coming into Leech’s care, Chester underwent a thorough medical evaluation that showed that he had a severe heart murmur as well as a series of rotten teeth. However, Chester did not allow his medical condition to get in the way of his newfound happiness.

“[He’s] the cutest little old man with the stinkiest breath ever,” Leech wrote in a post.

three dogs on a couch
Source: Jenny Leech

One Day At A Time

Luckily, Chester soon received an extensive dental cleaning and began treatment for his heart condition allowing him to have a better quality of life. And just when Leech started to receive adoption offers for him, Chester suddenly fell ill.

After doing some more tests, it was revealed that Chester was also suffering from a kidney infection, and he was not doing too well. Luckily, the doctors were able to stabilize him, but this event forced Leech to make a pretty hard decision.

sad senior pup
Source: Jenny Leech

As much as she would have loved to see the pup in a home of his own, it was clear to her that it would be in his best interest if he would stay with her. With so much experience in caring for senior pups, Leech knew that Chester would be safest in her care.

“Tonight, he showed us he’s happy to be here by hanging with the crew, begging in the kitchen and eating a good dinner… It’s not the happily-ever-after we pictured for him, but we are honored to be his forever family,” Leech wrote on Facebook.

six dogs indoors
Source: Jenny Leech

Final Word

Even though she didn’t initially plan for Chester to be a foster fail, Leech enjoys every minute spent with this incredibly resilient pup. She keeps a close eye on him every day and makes sure to keep up with his treatments, keeping him happy and healthy.

This once homeless, depressed pup is now part of a giant family that is making sure that he is living his best life ever, and Chester wouldn’t have it any other way!

“Here’s to the best part of forever for little Chester…” Leech concluded.