Sweet Puppy Found Living In A Hole Finally Gets The Help She Needs


Most people will go to some exotic destination to rest and enjoy, and see the sights of other cultures and customs.

There are few who will sacrifice their journey to save animals who need it the most and provide them with the happy life they deserve.

Nevertheless, such people do exist and they are the ones who change the world and leave impacts on which stories are told.

Exactly today’s story is one of those that celebrate such moments when people are able to devote their lives to saving poor animals and writing the happiest endings.

Hiding From The World In A Tiny Hole

photo of little black puppy
Source: The Dodo

Brady Oliviera and Alex Blumberg have already saved many helpless animals, but they still continue to search for those who need their help the most.

So, one day, they came across a little puppy living in a tiny hole in a building all by herself. The lady who was feeding her told them that she gets picked on by the bigger dogs and that she was trying to get her for almost a week. 

But, every time she would get close, the dog would run back into the hole. It was obvious that she was so traumatized because of neglect by her previous owners that she was scared of the outside world. 

woman holding the puppy
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, this day was different and the little puppy came out. Because of that, they knew they had to take her with them. 

Before she started her journey towards her new, happier life, at the suggestion of the woman who fed her, she was named Holly, as that hole was her home for so long. 

Getting Used To A New Life Surrounded By Love And Trust

puppy being held by its paws
Source: The Dodo

The first stop on her new journey was the veterinarian. There, they found that Holly was just 26.5 pounds. Although they expected the opposite, her health was surprisingly good and she was soon ready to go to her temporary home. 

They could easily conclude that this is an extremely strong dog and that the brave girl will surely survive all challenges and reach her goal.

Another dog that Brady and Alex rescued not so long ago on the streets of Bally helped her along the way. At the doorstep of her temporary home, she was met by a dog that irresistibly resembled her in appearance.

Wally, as they named him, was very happy and excited when he saw his new friend. Although Holly was not so cheerful at first, as she was very tense after meeting so many new faces in a short time, they became inseparable over a very short period of time. 

two black puppies on a wooden deck
Source: @alexblumberg

Since they had similar fates, they understood each other well, and were, in a way, supportive of each other.

Unfortunately, this cute friendship had to come to an end quickly because Alex and Brady soon had to go back home. 

The law is such that they cannot take dogs across the border. Because of that, they needed to find a new home for them fast. 

A Main Star At The Adoption Event And A New, Happy Family

two woman and a puppy
Source: The Dodo

Alex had to act quickly so that this dog would not end up on the street again. She definitely wouldn’t forgive herself for that.

After asking around a bit, she found out that an adoption event was taking place nearby. Although such events are often unfortunate for many dogs, she had nothing to lose.

As she approached the scene, Alex was very worried as she looked at the happy face of this little dog. She was very afraid that this happiness would soon be spoiled.

“But who could resist this cuteness?” she asked herself. 

She couldn’t have been more correct because Holly was really one of the main stars of this event, next to so many other dogs that were there.

One family immediately fell in love with her, and didn’t wait a minute, but immediately decided to adopt her. 

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Although Alex was heartbroken to have to part with the cuteness she had grown so attached to, she was also proud of the fact that she was a part of this story with a happy ending.

From life all alone as a scared little puppy to meeting the most amazing family… Holly’s life was forever changed!