Top 10 Dog Breeds For Extroverts To Make You Shine At Large Gatherings


It seems quite logical to think that extrovert dogs are the best choice for extrovert people. While that may be right in most cases, we can’t neglect the power of introverted dog breeds. 

Some introverted dogs fit perfectly with extroverted personalities, as they’re not necessarily shy, but they re-energize the best when alone with their favorite hoomans.

On the other hand, extroverted canines simply love being around people of all personalities. Whether you take them to dog parks or on a simple city walk – they’ll steal the spotlight!

But then, what are the best breeds for extrovert people? We bring you the list of ten breeds that you won’t make a mistake with if you’re a people-oriented person!

#1 Labs Are Number One

young girl playing with labrador dog in backyard

Labs are considered to be among the best family dogs for a reason! They are always people-oriented and just love pleasing their hoomans!

They will never say no to a social gathering or going outside, as they’re extroverts themselves. Whether you like hikes, city walks, parks, or simple family gatherings – Labs don’t mind… they will adapt in no time!

#2 Golden Retrievers Are A Close Second

girl walking with golden retriever dog on pathway

Did you know that Goldies are proud members of the list of the smartest dog breeds in the world? That’s right! Not only are they into social events and gatherings, but they, in fact, adapt quite easily to all kinds of circumstances!

Their naturally high intelligence will help you socialize them from an early age and make them impeccable family dogs. They’re eager to learn, please, and be around their loved ones, but they’re also gonna be fantastic hosts to your friends.

Goldies loving people is just who they are. And, sure – people love them back for their wonderful nature!

#3 You Can’t Make A Mistake With Bulldogs

two english bulldogs sniffing each other in the park

Okay, wait a minute. How did a lazy dog breed such as a Bulldog get on this list? Well, you wouldn’t believe that their sassiness, which derives from their quite lazy nature, is actually their secret weapon!

Bulldogs aren’t as much of extroverts as Labs or Goldies, but they feel absolutely comfortable in big crowds or around strangers. Their smooth, easy-going nature that goes along with their funny looks usually puts them in the center of attention

And, if they’re in the center of attention, you are, too!

Even though they’re not naturally loud dogs, they might be a little too much at night! If you have difficulties sleeping, then getting a Bulldog won’t do you any good. 

#4 Pugs Can Go On Both Lists

group of women playing with a cute pug dog in the park

Pugs are just pawfect dogs for both introverts and extroverts! Even though they’re naturally introverted, these canines won’t shy away from meeting new people! 

However, their favorite part of the day definitely isn’t frolicking in dog parks or taking long walks in the city, but cuddling with their owners inside a house. Still, they don’t mind being challenged from time to time.

The downside of having a Pug, though, is a wide spectrum of their potential diseases. According to CBS, Pugs have an increased risk for 23 different disorders.

#5 You Won’t Meet An Unfriendly Beagle

woman with red hair embracing beagle dog in the park

Many people consider Beagles the worst due to their high prey drive or their occasional stubbornness. However, the truth is that these dogs are big-eared, sturdy furballs of energy!

Extroverts who love spending their time outside the house and having tons of activities are the perfect match with Beagles! They’re entertaining, lovely, and they will adore anyone who shows them a friendly attitude or wants to play with them!

Don’t get surprised if you see your Beagle curled up in someone else’s lap because they won’t shy away from doing it!

#6 Boston Terriers Are Pawfect For Dog Parks

boston terrier dog sitting with people in the park

Are you looking for a dog that matches your enthusiastic personality? Or, your endless energy? Great – the Boston Terrier is just the perfect dog for you!

These small, clownish, erect-eared gentlemen are suitable for all kinds of events. Whether you get a male or a female BT, you get a dog that knows how to entertain itself while you’re drinking coffee with your friends or having a chat with people in a dog park.

They might come to you from time to time just to make sure that you still love them!

#7 Pitties Don’t Mind Being The Center Of Attention

pitbull dog standing in the crowd in the park

Surprised to see a Pitbull on the list? 

Well, as much as the media tries to portray these canines as super violent, properly socialized Pitties are far from that. According to Cohen and Richardson1, the portrayal of Pitbulls as dangerous is often biased, irrational, and unjustified.

Sure, their bloody history doesn’t put them high on the list of decent family dogs, but Pitties are dogs with great potential. They’re enthusiastic walkers, sports dogs, therapists, or simple companions.

Still, just like any other dog, they need to undergo the process of early socialization and obedience training, as they’re usually unaware of their own power and strength.

#8 Looking For Extroverted And Cute? The Corgi’s Your Choice 

welsh corgi dog giving paw to a woman in the park

If you’re wondering how an average Corgi would fit into your family – I’d say… well, perfectly! These naturally happy dogs will attract tons of attention anywhere they go.

Whether you love hanging out in a park or visiting pet stores – Corgis will most definitely start the conversation for you!

You, however, need to know that these canines are loud barkers, which is why they might not be the best fit for babies. On the other hand, their relationship with kids is just fine!

#9 The Parson Russell Terrier Chooses Its Friends By Energy

woman cuddling jack russell terrier dog in her arms

The Parson Russell Terrier is the perfect dog for you if you’re looking for an energetic breed that loves spending most of its time playing.

They’re the best fit with people who prefer a sporty lifestyle, as, according to the AKC, they’re athletic themselves.

Other than that, PRTs are naturally clever and trainable dogs, which is why their natural adaptation potential is high. Not only do they love being around people, but they will get along with other dogs just fine!

#10 Berners Are Extroverts And Hikers, Too

woman playing with bernese mountain dog on the snow

The reason why I put the Bernese Mountain Dog on this list is not only because they’re naturally sociable and friendly, but because they’re perfect for those who love hiking in the mountains!

These gigantic canines are suitable for cold climates as they’re naturally born to serve in the mountains. If you and your friends prefer adventures, the Berner won’t have a problem accompanying you anywhere you go!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect dog breed is never easy, especially if you’re a first-time dog owner. And, if you’re an extrovert, the choice is even harder! Sure, all canines are considered to be social pets, unlike cats, but thinking that they’re just naturally waiting for new people to meet is wrong.

These ten canines, though, will most definitely fit perfectly into your social life, as they’re themselves people-oriented! Choosing any one of these breeds for companionship is just a sweet torment.


  1. Cohen, J., and Richardson, J. (2002). Pit Bull Panic. Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 36, Iss. 2.