16 Clear Signs That Your German Shepherd Loves You


German Shepherds are known for being these fierce working dogs that are up for any challenge. But, what about their emotional side? Do German Shepherds love their owners?

Every dog in the world loves to be showered with love, and this is no different with a German Shepherd dog. Some might show it more while others know to keep their cool.

They might love to receive love, but do they show love back is the main question. 

In this article, we will be going through all the ways you can tell whether or not your German Shepherd loves you. If you are interested in this, then keep on reading.

Do German Shepherds Love Their Owners

Since we, as dog owners, usually see our dogs as our children, we would love to believe that they love us as much as we love them. Some dogs are good at showing that while others might not be that affectionate.

What about a German Shepherd dog (GSD)? You better believe that your German Shepherd will love you with all its heart. Even if your dog is affectionate, there is no way for them to show you just how much they love you.

It is almost physically impossible, but they will try to show it for sure. Hey… they are not the second most popular dog breed in the world for no reason.

How will you know those signs? Don’t worry – we are here to the rescue. Here are the things GSD will do to show you affection:

1 They Will Bring You Their Toys

German shepherd with a ball.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you experience your dog giving you its toys or something that it really loves. This is one of the signs that your German Shepherd truly adores you.

This is extra special with GSDs because they can get super possessive with their toys. You might not realize this at times, and might likely think that they are just bringing the toy so you both can play.

This is not the case in every situation. You will be able to notice that sometimes when you are feeling down, your GSD will come and give you its toy. It is almost like it is giving an offering to you, and making you feel better.

2. They Will Lean Against You Frequently

What is a better way for your dog to show you love but to lean against you at all times? They will put their whole body weight on your leg while you are, for example, cooking or cleaning around the house.

When you are sitting on the couch watching a movie, you will be able to notice your dog leaning on your leg, and then slowly laying down on the floor next to you.

They love you so much that they just have the need to be extremely close to you for the majority of the day. 

3. They Will Be Extremely Happy Every Time You Come Home

woman hugging her dog german shepherd

This is almost a universal thing that all dogs do to show you how excited they are to see you after a long day at work. Different dogs will show this excitement in different ways, but you will be able to sense it from the second you arrive.

It can include a lot of tail wagging, being all around your feet, barking, even whining, and many, many more things.

This is just the best feeling, isn’t it?

4. They Will Try To Get On Your Lap

You probably don’t think of a lap dog when you see a German Shepherd. Their presence is very strong, but don’t be fooled – these pooches are quite the cuddle bugs.

Not even their size will prevent them from trying to get on your lap. If the dog doesn’t succeed in that mission, it will for sure lay its head on your lap. 

5. They Will Wag Their Tail

A puppy of a German shepherd walks in the forest

Their tail is their main tool for showing us different kinds of emotions. You even have a whole tail position chart that you can check out.

You might be walking in and out of the room where the doggie is, but you will be able to notice that every time the dog sees you, it will wag its tail even the slightest bit.

GSDs might just be laying there, minding their business and staying still, but their tail will be moving.

6. They Will Sleep Close To You

German Shepherds will always be around you during the day, but this is not enough for them. They will most likely try to sneak onto the owner’s bed. 

This can be tricky for people who don’t want their dogs to be on the bed, and that is totally understandable. 

Don’t worry – these dogs are really smart, and they know when to stop doing something that you don’t like.

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7. They Will Nudge You With Their Nose Or Head

Man and his German Shepherd dog

When these dogs nudge their owner with their nose or head, this means that they want more attention. This behavior is very similar to a toddler when they want to get your attention.

If you are looking at your phone for a long time, you can expect a snout appearing out of nowhere and almost nudging your phone out of your hands.

It is plain and simple – all they want is more cuddles.

8. They Will Always Invite You To Play

These dogs usually are calm and collected, especially when they are in their working mode. When they are home with the people they love is the moment when they can show their goofy side.

Dogs invite other dogs to play frequently, but not just any dog – only the ones they love. If a GSD invites you to play, you can be certain that your dog loves you.

9. They Will Follow You Everywhere

German Shepherd for a walk with the owner in the park

These pooches turn into real shadows when they love their owner. The GSD has a protective side as well, and when you mix the two, you will get a dog that will follow you everywhere – even the bathroom is not out of line. 

It is almost like they are checking up on you many, many times during the day. Some will find this behavior a bit annoying, and it can be, but you need to be patient because this is one of the ways they are showing you that they love you. 

10. They Will Expose Their Belly

This is also one of the universal ways that dogs show you that they trust you completely. It can be quite shocking for some people seeing their big and strong GSD laying on its back and exposing its belly.

Every time you see this, you need to grab it as an opportunity and give your dog a belly rub. They are vulnerable in this state, and they are showing you their submissive side, which doesn’t come out to just anybody.

11. They Will Put Their Paw On You

smiling woman cuddling with her dog on couch

This can be considered similar to the nudging part we mentioned before. When a dog puts its paw on you, it means that they want cuddles.

They will most likely even nudge you a bit with their paw in a sense of ˝Hey! I’m here, and I need attention right away!˝

Even if you are busy, give them a small cuddle session when you notice this. Or, speak to them for a bit with a happy voice. Give them any type of attention, so they know you understand what they want. 

12. They Will Be Protective Towards You

It is a known thing that German Shepherds are amazing guard dogs, and that they will protect their owner at any cost.

If they sense that the situation is not right, they will glue themselves to you until they determine that the situation is safe.

For some people, this might look like their GSD is aggressive, but that is far from the truth. These dogs will never attack if the situation is not serious. They won’t protect just anybody… only the people they love the most.

13. They Will Obey Your Every Command

german shepherd breathing fresh air in the wood

German Shepherds are extremely smart dogs, and they learn anything in a split second. The thing that is interesting is that they won’t listen to just anybody… oh, no.

These dogs love to please only their owner. They know that when they obey a command that was given to them, they will make their owner happy.

Nothing makes these dogs happier than seeing their owner get happy when they do something right. 

14. They Will Cling To Things That Smell Like You

If your dog is a bit clingy, you can also expect it to cling to things that carry your scent. This is a good thing when you need to be absent from home for longer periods of time.

If you leave them a piece of your clothing that smells like you, your dog will feel less alone. Make sure that you pick a piece of clothing that is not that important to you because there is a big chance they will nibble on it a bit.

15. They Will Maintain Eye Contact

young man petting his german shepherd outdoor

When it comes to dogs, eye contact can mean many different things. If they are holding eye contact with other dogs, it means that an attack is about to start.

Don’t worry – this is not the case when they look at their owner – it is actually the opposite. 

If your dog is holding eye contact, it means that it admires you and loves you deeply. It is also like they are telling you that they are completely focused on what you are telling them at that moment.

16 They Will Lick You

It is a known fact that when a cat licks you and grooms you, it likes you. This is also the case with dogs.

Your dog might come out of the blue and just start licking your hands or your feet… well, whatever it can get ahold of. 

They might even start to nibble on you a bit. If the nibbling part bothers you, teach them not to do that the first time they do it. If you don’t, then they will think it is a good thing because, after all… this way, they are showing you that they love you.

To Sum It Up

Do German Shepherds love their owners? The most definite answer to this question is ˝heck yes!˝ The even better part is that they are not afraid to show it at all.

We hope that this list made you realize that your dog is always trying to show you that it loves you. Some of these things might be mistaken for a different behavior, like your GSD giving you its toy.

You may think that they are just inviting you to play, but the truth is that they are showing you that they love you.
Having a dog that truly loves you is such a blessing – and never take that for granted.

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