Sweet Dog Who Spent Her Entire Life In A Small Cage Finally Learns What Love Feels Like


I have seen so many horrible ways dogs are treated by neglectful owners, but there are still some that shock me even to this day.

It’s almost impossible to imagine how someone could be so cruel to a pup who has never done anything to deserve such cruelty.

Yuki, in particular, has spent her entire young life lying in a small cage and neglected by her owner. She never even got the opportunity to get out, which caused many health problems.

When she was finally saved by rescuers, she relaxed because she knew they were going to help her.

She Didn’t Deserve Such Cruelty

dog in a bad condition
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When a group of children noticed a woman dumping Yuki, they called for help. The kind people who came to save her noticed that she couldn’t move.

They didn’t understand why. She was a bit malnourished, but not so much that she wouldn’t have the strength to move.

They took her to a clinic to be examined. The X-rays revealed that her bones were not growing properly.

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They said it was because Yuki was kept in a small cage for too long and couldn’t grow that way. The vets did their best to help her learn how to walk through physiotherapy.

When Lara first heard about her story, she immediately decided to adopt her. She told GeoBeats Animals: “We got her home and she was shy. Spending your whole first year being trapped in a cage will do that to a dog.

Lara knew that the only thing she wanted was to relax and just enjoy her life. Her personality was slowly coming out, and she was so sweet.

Yuki’s New Best Friend

two dogs on green grass
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When Yuki was introduced to the other dogs, she got along with them well, and it’s quite surprising, given how shy she was initially.

Her best friend was obviously Amira, a dog who had no front legs. They liked each other because they were both very playful and loved to enjoy themselves.

Lara said: “It’s the most wonderful thing to see 2 dogs who have had such a rough start in life just leave it all behind and live like the puppies that they were never given the chance to be.

Yuki absolutely loves her mom. It’s honestly hard to see them separated. Anytime Lara would leave the room, this pup would just follow her.

And it’s just so adorable to see her try to climb stairs to be with her mom at all times. She and Amira are hilarious.

She Has Put Her Past Behind

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One thing that is really hard about Yuki’s situation is that there is no way to fix her health problems. She spent way too much time in a cramped cage and it took its toll on her.

All the surgeons pretty much told Lara the same thing. In fact, they were all honestly surprised by the fact that she could move at all.

Lara would show the videos of her running to other vets, and they were all taken aback by her ability to move around so fast.

They told her that just moving around and playing is the best thing for a dog like Yuki in the long run. It will strengthen the muscles around her bones and she will be mobile a lot longer as she ages.

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The vets also gave Lara many supplements for Yuki to prevent her from getting arthritis too soon. So far, this has worked well for her.

Lara said: “It’s such a magical relationship between a person and a dog that needs a little extra help. It is hard for me to swallow what was done to her, but she does not wear the trauma. She has put it behind her and she’s just too busy living her best life.

It’s absolutely amazing to see how Yuki has managed to turn her life around completely, thanks to the help of her wonderful mom. I wish them all the best.