Heavily Pregnant Pup Who Was Abandoned In The Pouring Rain Was About To Give Up All Hope Until This Happened


It is unfortunate and heartbreaking that many humans still don’t show the love and respect that the animals around us deserve.  

One of the best examples is the numerous stories about abandoned pups left on the streets to fend for themselves.  

Today’s story is such a case – a heavily pregnant pup was dumped in the pouring rain by her previous owner, who didn’t even stop to think if she would survive such weather in her condition.

But luckily, she was noticed by incredible hoomans who were going to make her life worth living.

Finally Safe

dog walking covered with blanket
Source: Dogs Are Family

As soon as devoted animal lovers noticed her on the street, they immediately rushed to help her.

They took her into their safe haven and placed her in a special kennel area where she could relax, decompress, and prepare for her new role – being a mother.

pregnant dog sitting on red blanket
Source: Dogs Are Family

The pup, now named Stormi, was extremely nervous in her new home. She had no idea where she was or what was going on, so one of her rescuers decided to foster her, thinking that giving birth in a quiet, loving home would be much better.  

After only one day at her foster home, Stormi was feeling so much better.

photo of pregnant dog
Source: Dogs Are Family

She had a good night’s rest and loved walking in the backyard, getting her daily exercise in. She also had her own special place where she could comfortably give birth to her litter when the time came.

The Babies Are On The Way

Not long after arriving at her foster home, Stormi went into labor.

She gave birth to eight adorable puppies, but sadly, one of them did not make it. Another puppy also seemed to be missing one ear. Her foster wasn’t sure if it was a birth defect or if the puppy got hurt.

But, in the end, it didn’t even matter. What mattered was that the puppy did have an ear canal, meaning that it would be able to hear perfectly, and he was healthy and strong!

dog nursing puppies
Source: Dogs Are Family

As time went by, another baby sadly passed away. Stormi was now left with six puppies – four boys and two girls.

Two weeks after giving birth, the proud mama dog was thriving, and so were her babies!

Being in such a happy and healthy environment, the puppies grew big, strong, and healthy in no time, making them ready to start a family of their own.

Even Prince, the pup who was missing an ear, was completely healed and ready for his new life.

blue eyed puppy
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In two short months, Stormi was rescued, gave birth, and was noticed by an incredible family who offered to take her into their loving home.

All of her babies got adopted one by one, and were living a life full of happiness, fun, and adventure!

puppies sleeping
Source: Dogs Are Family

Final Word

A big thank you to every hooman who participated in this incredible rescue!

Not only did you save six lives, but you also provided them with the attention, care, and love they needed, resulting in them finding forever homes that will treat them with the respect they always deserved.

You guys are heroes!