This Senior Pup Never Knew What A Warm Bed Felt Like Until This Happened


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A devoted animal lover by the name of Maria received a text from her neighbor informing her that a woman she knew was abusing a small dog.

This upsetting news immediately startled her, and she knew she had to do something to save the poor pup, Bella.

Luckily, Maria was able to get in touch with the woman and explain to her why the thing she was doing was so bad for the well-being of the dog. The woman, who still didn’t understand the consequences of her actions, agreed to surrender Bella.

As soon as Maria had Bella in her arms, she knew that this was going to be the start of a new, beautiful life.

New Chapter

close-up photo of senior pup
Source: The Dodo

Bella was extremely skinny and, of course, very anxious because of everything that had happened. However, it didn’t take her long to realize that she was finally safe and that she could relax.  

“…the minute she walked into my house, she was relieved. You could immediately tell. She started running around like crazy. How did she have the energy? I have no idea. Because we found out that she was between 14 and 15 years old,” Maria told The Dodo.

Touched by her resilience, Maria immediately decided to buy her a comfortable bed – a place where she could finally feel safe.

pup lying on fluffy pillow
Source: The Dodo

Laying in a bed for the first time made Bella overflow with emotions. The fact that she was so grateful for this little piece of furniture made Maria aware of how bad her previous life was.

“I had never seen an animal be so happy with something so simple,” she added.

After taking Bella to the vet, the animal lover also found out that this poor pup had never received a proper medical checkup. They also informed Maria that she had very bad arthritis, but nothing that would stop her from living a happy life.

And, Maria proved just that.

After only spending three weeks with her rescuer, Bella was a completely different pup.

senior pup being held
Source: The Dodo

“She loves to be held. She is a total princess. She loves to be kissed. She loves to be hugged. But she had such a funny personality. After everything she’s been through, to have a bit of a sense of humor – that’s Bella!” Maria stated.

Forever Home

After Maria realized that Bella was able to let go of her past life completely, she knew that it was time to find her a forever home.

hand petting the senior pup
Source: The Dodo

It didn’t take too long for a loving hooman to notice how adorable this little baby was and offer her a warm home with a family that would love and appreciate her the way she deserved.

“This little dog has a very big heart. She is an inspiration,” Maria concluded.

Finally, Bella is living the life of her dreams and she couldn’t be more grateful to all the loving hoomans that made all of this pawsible!