Meet The Black Brindle French Bulldog, A Short, Dark, And Handsome Fella


Oh, he’s short, dark, and handsome! He must be the black brindle French Bulldog!

Being one of the most common Frenchie colors, the black brindle Frenchie is an absolute delight and a sight for sore eyes. These gorgeous pups turn heads anywhere they go. 

The unique brindle pattern makes them stand out in a crowd and bring out the oohs and aahs.

What you probably didn’t know about black brindles is that there are no two identical dogs of this color. Each black brindle Frenchie has a different stripe position, which makes him one of a kind. 

What else makes them so unique? Why are they so pawfect?

How about I let you in on a secret behind this coat color?

Black Brindle French Bulldog: What Do They Look Like?

black brindle french bulldog
Photo from: @uniquefrenchbulldogs_

Here’s a little surprise to start with: the brindle pattern is the most common one for French Bulldogs, compared to other patterns we know like sable and merle.

But, does this mean these Frenchie pups are pretty common, too?

Well, they kinda are! In fact, these pups are quite common, but they’re difficult to get. 

For starters, black French Bulldogs are rare as well. When it comes to the brindle pattern, both parents must carry it in order for it to pass on the puppies. Brindle is a recessive gene, and we’ll talk about how this genetics works soon.

So, you can’t expect to find black brindle Frenchies everywhere. Other shades of brindle are quite popular, followed by fawn Frenchies, white and pied Frenchies.

Frenchies of this color are exactly what their name says they are: black dogs with a brindle pattern or tiger stripes all over it. These hair streaks make these Frenchies even more special.

Depending on the black-to-fawn hair ratio, black brindle Frenchies could either be light or dark. Still, their eye color and nose don’t change – they remain black.

The Genetics Behind The Brindle Pattern

cute black brindle french bulldog
Photo from: @buenasnochi_ziggy

In order to understand this coat color and everything that comes with it a bit better, we must dig deeper and get familiar with the genetics game.

I understand that every story about canine genes and their role in inheriting coat color can be a bit difficult to understand. However, I promise you won’t have the same issues when it comes to the black brindle pup.

For starters, the brindle pattern comes from the K-locus gene. This gene is responsible for many things, including colors like brindle, black, and fawn. 

A Frenchie puppy can only be brindle if both parents are carrying the recessive gene on the K-locus. As simple as that! 

Of course, there are many brindle combinations, so the base color will depend on the color of the parents. In other words, the dominant color will prevail to be the base, topped with the brindle pattern.

Frenchies normally don’t have many puppies. Their litters are small, with only two to four puppies each. So, the chance of having lots of little black brindles is not a big one!

Is The Brindling Linked To Any Behavioral Issues?

black brindle frenchie
Photo from: @amoresbulldogsaz

Lots of people link dark-colored dogs to aggressive behavior. For example, they’ll think that a black Pitbull is a super dangerous one. But, is that really true?

Absolutely not.

There are no connections between a coat color and personality faults. These Frenchies are just as sweet as white or fawn, or any other Frenchie. The only issue regarding their coat color and temperament might be with non-accepted colors.

Those colors are a result of crossbreeding some time in the distant past, so puppies carrying them might have different temperaments than standard Frenchies. Still, that’s quite a longshot.

Standard and accepted Frenchies, including our black brindle beauty, are normal, sweet, and friendly dogs.

Generally speaking, French Bulldogs are known as little clowns of the canine world. They’re full of energy and always up to something, whether it’s trying to find a way to make you laugh or entertain themselves.

Living with a Frenchie isn’t boring at all. 

You’ll be blessed with an immense amount of love and affection. Frenchies make the ideal family dogs since they get along with everyone… even cats!

Are Black Brindle French Bulldogs Healthy?

small black brindle french bulldog
Photo from: @buenasnochi_ziggy

You know how I mentioned unaccepted colors and them being a result of crossbreeding? Well, dogs that carry those colors are also considered problematic in terms of their health.

The good news is that our buddy doesn’t have that problem. The black brindle coat is not linked to any major health issue. These Frenchies could develop any condition that’s normally linked to the breed. 

However, this doesn’t mean that every Frenchie will become ill. The list of possible conditions is only there to help you be prepared. It’s good to know what you can expect from a dog breed.

The most common conditions that strike French Bulldogs are:

  • BOAS
  • Skin problems
  • Ear infections
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Luxating patella
  • Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)
  • Degenerative myelopathy

As brachycephalic dogs, Frenchies are susceptible to getting BOAS (or Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome). The difficulty with breathing is all thanks to their flat face.

If you take good care of your Frenchie Bulldog, he might live lots of happy years. Despite being prone to the mentioned conditions, Frenchies are still small dogs, and small dogs tend to live longer. Their average lifespan is 10 to 14 years, which is pawesome!

Are These Frenchies Difficult To Groom?

No, not at all! Black brindle Frenchies are a delight to groom. Their coat color doesn’t get dirty that easily, or at least it doesn’t show that easily. If you can’t stand seeing a dog dirty, but you know you shouldn’t bathe them too often, then this is the right color choice for you.

These Frenchies are as easy to groom as any other Frenchie. Of course, we’ll leave out our white Frenchie buddy, which is a menace for grooming and maintaining.

What’s The Price Of A Black Brindle Frenchie?

black brindle french bulldog puppy
Photo from: @roguevalleyfrenchies

Before we crunch some numbers, I want you to realize something. French Bulldogs are not a cheap dog breed… not to buy nor to raise. You must have a budget for owning a Frenchie that includes unexpected expenses. 

The initial purchase price of French Bulldogs is high. While this coat color is quite common, the dogs are still quite pricey. For pet-quality puppies, you’ll need to set aside about $4,000. Just imagine how much show-quality dogs cost!

But, as I said, that’s only the initial purchase price. Where are other expenses like kibble, dog beds, grooming supplies? If you want only the best for your dog, that can cost you an arm and a leg.

The first year is always the toughest one. You get all these expenses that may seem a bit overwhelming. But, that’s just the first year. Every other month is supposed to be easier. I mean, you won’t be buying dog beds and expensive harnesses all the time. 

The only big expense that remains is the dog food, but since Frenchies don’t eat a lot, that’s also not too scary.

Where Can You Find Black Brindle Frenchies?

cute black brindle french bulldog wearing a cape
Photo from: @buenasnochi_ziggy

While we might promote the adopt, don’t shop policy, there are certain breeds that can’t be found in shelters nor shouldn’t. Given the fact that Frenchies are super prone to some health conditions like BOAS and degenerative myelopathy, I recommend you pick a reliable breeder instead.

A sign of a good breeder is his devotion to his pets. This is manifested in getting the dogs regularly checked by the vet, and put through various health tests to ensure top health status. 

If a breeder doesn’t test his animals, chances are he will have litters of puppies with congenital health problems. 

Good black brindle Frenchies are a bit hard to find, but PupVine made sure you have a base of all reputable Frenchie breeders in the States.

You should check out: 

  • French Bulldog breeders in Michigan
  • French Bulldog breeders in North Carolina
  • French Bulldog breeders in Georgia
  • French Bulldog breeders in Oregon

If you still can’t find your ideal Frenchie of this color, you should check out some other coat colors. All Frenchies are lovely pets. It’s their temperament that makes them great… not their appearance. 

Final Words

So, how do you like our black brindle French Bulldog? Isn’t he wonderful?

Oh, this little superstar is breaking hearts everywhere he goes. The stunning beauty of their coat is nothing compared to their lovely temperament. These four-legged friends are meant to be best buddies forever.

A Frenchie will always be by your side. He will try to make you laugh, and succeed at it. He will give you comfort anytime you need it. He will love you to the bone. That’s how incredibly great Frenchies are!

And, if you have a Frenchie, he will be the envy of the entire city… not just your doggy park!

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