Pittie Was Heartbroken After Being Surrendered To A Shelter When Owner Lost His Home


There are sad moments when life takes an unexpected turn, leaving individuals with heart-wrenching choices.  

While there are unfortunately many people in this world who choose to abandon their pets because of sometimes insane reasons, others, for example, are forced to do so due to cruel life circumstances. 

Such is the case of this loyal canine companion, whose poignant journey unfolds in this heartwarming story. 

One day, Kaiko was happily spending time with his owner, not knowing that it was actually the last time they would see each other ever again. 

The very next day, this beautiful dog found himself homeless in an unknown shelter, separated from the person he loved the most…

A Pitbull Named Kaiko 

a sad dog behind crate bars
Source: @albyocwork

In October 2022, a staff photographer and content creator for Orange County Animal Services, in Orlando, Florida – Albert Harris – shared a video of a brindle Pitbull named Kaiko that broke the hearts of people all over the country. 

Namely, as Harris wrote under his video post, Kaiko was surrendered to Orange County Animal Services, in Orlando, after his owner lost her home, leaving her and the dog homeless. 

Since she didn’t want her sweet dog to live like that, she made the heartbreaking decision to surrender her dog in hopes that he would have a better life in the future. 

“The dog was adopted from Pet Alliance 3 yrs ago, so he had a home for the majority of his life,” Harris wrote.  

Unfortunately, in this economy, and in the time of an impending recession, these things happen more and more. 

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There are many dogs, just like Kaiko, who find themselves homeless at no fault of their own. 

“We understand things happen, and we are in an impending recession. Now it is up to us to find him a home he deserves,” urged Harris, in hopes that someone would adopt this precious boy. 

According to Harris, Kaiko was thankfully in good spirits, but he couldn’t understand why he was there. The poor thing must have been wondering why his mom left him there. 

“Together we are getting animals adopted! Let’s do it again,” said in the video. 

Finding The Home He Deserves 

black dog standing on the grass
Source: @albyocwork

Thanks to his videos that usually garner a lot of views, many animals that arrive at Orange County Animal Services are being adopted. 

More than 25K people saw, commented, and shared the heartwarming video about Kaiko, while others issued a call to action to get this dog adopted. 

“What a sweetie boy! Lovely smile on his face. He deserves a stable, loving, forever home.💕🥰,” one person commented under the post. 

Luckily, their prayers were quickly answered, and soon enough, Kaiko was adopted into a wonderful home. 

If you wish to support the shelter and everything they do, or if you want to adopt one of the currently available dogs, visit here.