An Adorable Yorkshire Terrier Grabbed His Superhero Suit And Helped A  Homeless Kitten Find A Loving Home


As a breed, Yorkies are incredible pups!

Not only are they extremely happy, playful, and energetic doggos who adore spending time with their hoomans, but they are also very devoted, making them the perfect protectors for those who need them.

If you didn’t know this before, today’s story, a story about a Yorkshire Terrier who became a hero, will prove all of these claims.

A Hero He Needed

dog walks with kitten on the street
Source: @wildwhiskerslove

When an adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Hazel was playing in the rain in his backyard one day, he wasn’t expecting to meet a new friend.

While playing, Hazel had the sudden need to turn around, as if something was calling out for him.

It was a good thing he did as he immediately noticed a little homeless Calico kitten who was very confused and looking for a helping hand… or paw.

yorkshire terrier and kitten walking
Source: @wildwhiskerslove

Sensing that it needed help, this adorable Yorkshire gently approached the kitten and made sure that he knew that he was there for him!

The kitten, looking at him with hopeful eyes, understood what he was trying to say and followed him.

a kitten in water
Source: @wildwhiskerslove

Hazel’s mom, who was so touched by her pup’s sympathy, allowed him to lead the little kitten to their home to get him dry as he was completely drenched in rain.  

However, as they got to their front door, the little kitten had some trouble getting into their house. But, not to worry… Hazel came to his rescue!

He helped his little friend into his home and watched him start his new life.

a dog helping kitten
Source: @wildwhiskerslove

The brother of Hazel’s owner was so touched by the story of the little kitten that he offered to give him a permanent home.

And, ever since, the little kitten has been living his new best life, full of love, happiness, and fun!

homeless kitten
Source: @wildwhiskerslove

Breaking The Myth

Cats and dogs are often stereotyped as natural enemies, but this story proves that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are countless households where cats and pups are not only peacefully coexisting, but being the best furry friends ever!

They play together, nap together, and even groom each other. And, even though their relationship does need to be managed in a safe and loving environment, seeing these two completely different species sure is something special!