Heartbroken Puppy Mill Dog Who Kept Trembling With Fear Discovers Love And Finds Happiness


Just like all canines, Velvet wanted to feel loved, but sadly, her heartless owners never treated her with affection. 

They kept the sweet dog in a puppy mill, denying her freedom and the chance to enjoy life. Velvet became traumatized and overwhelmed with fear.

When she was rescued, Velvet was in a horrible state. The pup’s ribs were protruding from her body. 

Velvet was so terrified of humans that she couldn’t stop trembling. Her eyes were filled with tears.

The doggo couldn’t have imagined that she was about to discover a whole new life.

Getting Used To Life In A Foster Home

scared dog named velvet
Source: The Moho

Velvet was placed in a loving foster home. Her fosters felt heartbroken when they met the traumatized canine for the first time.

The good humans wished to console her and stroke her, but they understood that Velvet needed time in order to feel safe.

The doggo spent the first week in her crate, refusing to get out. She curled up in a ball, trying to appear as small as possible.

Velvet was too frightened to even go to the bathroom. Her foster family often found her shivering in her urine.

The pup’s amazing caregivers tried to gain her trust and show her that they were there for her. They lay on the floor near her crate. 

man petting dog in the kennel
Source: The Moho

Since Velvet didn’t want to eat by herself, her foster family hand-fed her.

The pup began noticing their kindness and realizing that her fosters were good humans. 

On her second week in her foster home, Velvet showed signs of improvement. She felt brave enough to leave her crate.

velvet the dog indoors
Source: The Moho

Her foster family was overjoyed to see that she was making progress.

They took her to the vet to get her checked up. Velvet was severely underweight and she had a yeast infection in her ears. Apart from that, she was healthy.

Learning To Trust

two dogs lying together
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The canine played with her foster family’s dog. The two pups got along very well.

Velvet started trusting her fosters, and she let her foster dad caress her for the first time. Slowly, the doggo began opening her heart to love.

man petting the dog
Source: The Moho

Four weeks after being rescued, Velvet became more relaxed and spent more time with her furry sibling.

The pooch was still scared when she was in the house, and she didn’t let her foster parents touch her.

They continued showering her with affection and words of encouragement. 

Velvet’s fears started dissipating, and her eyes looked softer.

As time went by, Velvet succeeded in overcoming her trauma and rebuilding her life. The adorable girl finally felt safe and she reciprocated love to her foster family.

Velvet Finds True Love 

dog in the car
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Velvet was ready to take the most important step toward her happiness, and she began searching for a forever home.

The canine’s biggest dream came true when she found her humans. Before Velvet moved in with her new family, she said goodbye to her loving fosters.

The doggo’s forever family adored her from the very first time they saw her.

Velvet was thrilled to start the happiest chapter of her life. The pup started thriving. She gained weight and she became energetic. 

Her humans let her know every day how much she means to them. The delightful dog feels loved like never before.

woman cuddling with two dogs
Source: The Moho

Velvet looks like a completely different dog. She gained confidence, and she realized that life is beautiful.

Thanks to the good people who gave her a second chance in life and helped her discover love, Velvet found her happiness and left her sad past behind.