Dog Blossomed When She Heard Her Mom’s Voice Again After A Week In The Boarding Facility


It is not necessary to talk much about a dog’s love for a human because it has already been proven in numerous situations. When you give your dog just a little love and attention, he will return it a hundredfold and remain loyal to you for the rest of his life.

Although true dog lovers already know this very well, some heartwarming stories often positively surprise even them. Today’s short story is exactly one of those, and it confirms in the cutest way how much his favorite human actually means to the dog. 

It means so much that even a few days in a relatively nice and loving environment is depressing without his favorite person.

One Long Week

dog sitting in the truck of a car
Source: @maggiethelab_smiles

Maggie is a dog who truly lived a happy life with an owner who never let her out of her sight. She was always her first priority, and she often postponed some important obligations just for Maggie’s sake.

Unfortunately, there came a point when it simply could not be like that as this woman was forced to leave Maggie in the care of other people for a full week

On the day she set off on her important journey, this woman left Maggie with a heavy heart at The Paws Pet Resort, a boarding facility located in Huntsville, Alabama. 

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Source: @pawms_huntsville

The employees took a long time to calm Maggie down, and the turning point happened when they took her out to play with other dogs. The yard was full of toys, sprinklers, and lots of new furry friends, which helped her to forget the sad moment of separation from her beloved human. 

Sadly, the fun time passed quickly, and Maggie had to return to her kennel where she last saw her mom. She immediately remembered that heartbreaking moment, and her soul started crying again. The reflection of that could best be seen in her expression. 

sad dog lying in blue bed
Source: @doggi_usa

It was one of the saddest looks the employees of this boarding facility had ever seen.

Happiest Moment In Her Life

The sad look on Maggie’s face motivated these people to do everything to help this dog feel good every day. Although they really tried everything, Maggie was still in a bad mood and desperate to see her favorite human again. 

That one week was like a year for her, and by the end of it, she had already begun to lose hope that she would ever see the one she loved the most again. Little did Maggie know that she was only a short time away from the happiest moment in her life

dog sitting in a boarding facility
Source: @doggi_usa

The moment her mom walked into the boarding facility in Huntsville, Alabama, Maggie was looking thoughtfully through the kennel glass. However, as soon as she heard a familiar voice, her heart started jumping and a wide smile on her face replaced the sadness in her eyes.

“Good morning, Maggie! Oh my goodness! Hi baby!” those were the words that brought this dog back to life and once again showed what it means to a dog just to hear the voice of its dearest person.