Woman Was Shocked By What She Found In Her Dog’s Bed During A Stormy Night


It’s not unusual for dogs to invite other animal friends into their home, bed, or back yard. Dogs are social creatures, and most of them love hanging out with other dogs, sometimes cats, and even wild animals. 

You’ve seen numerous occasions how dogs become friends with deer, opossums, squirrels, crows, etc.

But, those friendships were initiated by both sides.

What would happen if only the other side decides they want to become friends with your doggo?

What would you do if you found uninvited guests in your dog’s bed? 

And, no… I’m not talking about neighborhood kittens or stray pups.

I’m talking about some quite unusual guests.

What Merlin the dog had in his bed really left his owner speechless.

Of all the things and all the animals in the world, Merlin was hiding in his bed a family of…

What’s That Under The Covers?

It was a stormy night and every creature was desperate to find refuge. 

Merlin the dog and his hooman mom, Emma Jane Kidd, were inside that night, hoping the storm would end soon. 

Just when they were about to go to bed, Emma was drawn by an unfamiliar commotion coming from her dog’s bed. 

Absolutely stunned by what it could be, Emma checked the bed and found unusual visitors under the covers.

It was a family of quendas… precisely three small babies and their mom! 

family of quendas
Source: The Dodo

Quendas are small animals; marsupials and brown bandicoots typical of southern and southwestern Australia. 

Watch the video here.

Naturally, Emma and Merlin scared the mom and she ran off, leaving her babies behind. 

Emma froze for a second, completely uncertain as to what to do with the wild animal babies. Soon enough, her instincts kicked in and she made a phone call to Darling Range Wildlife Shelter the only place that could provide a sanctuary for quenda babies in her area.

“Quendas commonly live in yards and local bushlands,” a representative from the Darling Range Wildlife Shelter said. “It’s not unusual to see them if you live in the hills. But, these quendas making a nest in a dog’s bed in the house veranda is very unusual.”

So, you can imagine how surprised everyone was to find them hiding inside the house, especially in the dog’s bed. 

little quendas
Source: The Dodo

As the Wildlife Shelter stated, quenda babies will stay with them until they grow older and stronger where they can be released into the wild. 

It was one night Merlin and Emma would never forget. From then on, they always check their bed for sweet, but still unwanted pets. 

After all, they had luck. All kinds of things can crawl into your bed, Merlin was fortunate enough to be visited by adorable quendas instead of rattlesnake babies.