Rescuers Found A Starving Pup Lying Motionless On The Street And Rushed To His Aid


No dog should ever know the feeling of abandonment. Yet, a plethora of these tiny, four-legged creatures face it on a daily basis. 

For reasons beyond justification, many owners decide to give up their furry companions and leave them to fend for themselves. 

Sadly, these actions have fatal consequences most of the time, as the dogs that once used to have a safe home find it extremely hard to adapt to harsh conditions.

Chihuawita, a tiny little pup that once had a home, found herself all alone on the street one early morning. Instead of being in a warm home and having a nice meal, she faced a hard reality once she realized that her owner was not coming back.

Cruel Abandonment

puppy lying on the street
Source: The Moho

The Moho posted an emotional video of a tiny dog named Chihuawita lying in total despair on the street in the middle of nowhere. 

She was completely defenseless and quite scared after her owner decided to leave her – for good.

“Her heartless owner callously subjected her to this cruel fate. Covered in hundreds of ticks and mites infesting her ears, she endured immense suffering. In her desolation, Chihuawita faced grave danger, unsure of where to turn, lying forlorn and vulnerable on the road,” The Moho posted in the video.

abandoned puppy in cardbox
Source: The Moho

Chihuawita was severely malnourished and too weak to find food and shelter herself. She was completely helpless and only days from the point of no return. 

It was as if this sweet doggo girl just hoped that someone would finally come and extend her a friendly hand. Fortunately, giant-hearted rescuers arrived at just the right moment!

Her Cheerful Spirit Prevailed

puppy on the leash
Source: The Moho

Once she was found, Chihuawita was first offered some food, but she was just too weak to eat. She couldn’t summon the strength to chew the food that her rescuers brought. Instead, she just lay there, craving a good night’s sleep for so long.

The rescuers then took her to a local vet, where she was carefully examined. The vet took care of her ticks and provided her with needed medication for further recovery, which, to her luck, continued in a loving home!

This brave girl was adopted into a nice family, where she transformed into a brand-new dog.

puppy happy to meet another dog
Source: The Moho

She now enjoys the company of other dogs, far away from what once was her cruel fate. With a cozy home to rest in, Chihuawita lives a life full of joy and happiness. She experiences new adventures every day and definitely loves everything about her new family!

Today, it is safe to say that she is completely disease-free. Chihuawita is finally ready to take on a life journey like she was supposed to – as a loving companion surrounded by people who absolutely adore her.

beautiful puppy in the sun
Source: The Moho

Despite everything she had been through in the past, this tiny girl’s spirit prevailed. With every new day, she keeps gaining new strength and enthusiasm needed for her doggo duties – of which, showering everyone with love is the most important!

Once an abandoned pup that didn’t know where her next meal would come from, Chihuawita, the resilient dog, is now the happiest girl!