Determined Pittie Who Survived Abuse, Surrender And 2 Years At Shelter Is Still Hoping For Her Happily Ever After


When you come face to face with Avery, an adorable split-toned Pittie, you would think that you are in the presence of a pup who grew up in a fun environment surrounded by love and affection.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today’s story is about one resilient and determined pup who refuses to give up hope on finding the perfect home for herself.

Meet Avery

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Avery is a three-year-old Pit Bull who spent the first year of her life filled with abuse and neglect. When she was finally saved from such an unhealthy environment, she spent two years at the shelter.

Her current hoomans, the staff at the Marion County Humane Society in Knoxville, Iowa, are trying their best to make her stay as comfortable as possible, and they are delighted to see that Avery is very thankful for their efforts.

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Avery was actually surrendered to the Iowa shelter by an estranged member of her previous family after they noticed “many marks on her as if she were beaten with a stick.”

The specifics of her life were never uncovered, but in the end, it didn’t even matter. What mattered was that she was far away from danger.

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At first, she was a bit confused when she arrived at the shelter since she was never surrounded by love and care. But, according to the Marion County Humane Society managers, it didn’t take long before she  “learned to be loved.”

Life At The Shelter

But, even after she got used to the shelter life, she still had some battles to fight.

After undergoing a medical exam, the vets found a low-grade heart murmur that demanded some medications and had to be regularly monitored. Even though some lifestyle adjustments will be necessary as she grows up, everybody is sure that they will not interfere with her life.

She also has some issues with allergies on her paws and skin that require additional medication, but the staff suspects that her allergies will subside when she enters a home.

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Unfortunately, Avery had a very traumatic incident in the shelter when she was attacked by another Pit Bull while she was being given a cookie.

“She was severely attacked by one at the shelter. Totally out of the blue. Fortunately, we were able to pour water on them and got them apart, but Avery was severely injured and had to be rushed to an emergency vet,” the humane society explains in a Facebook post. 

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Looking For A Home

Even though she is happy in her temporary home, there is no doubt that she would be over the moon in a home of her own. Even though she was taken in by a hooman one time, she was brought back the very same day.

But, she did not allow this to break her spirit.

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She is still hopeful that she will meet the perfect family who will take her in and provide her with the perfect life.

She is a very friendly girl who loves people and other pups, but she is not really fond of cats. Avery loves playing tug of war, crunching on ice cubes, and munching on yummy treats. I am sure that she will make any home a brighter and better place.

So, if you are interested in adopting this adorable princess, please contact Marion County Humane Society for more information.