Woman Heard An Unusual Noice Near The Road So She Decided To Investigate It


Dogs are our most loyal companions who stay with us for better or worse. All dog owners should cherish their doggos and shower them with love. Our love and care helps our furry family members to thrive and reach the happiness that they deserve.

The fact that there are many canines who are abandoned and betrayed by their owners saddens me deeply. The people they consider their family suddenly deprive them of the warmth and comfort of a home.

These dog owners often dump their pooches at dangerous places without the slightest concern for what could happen to them.

Our following story is about Polly, a sweet puppy who was abandoned by her family, too. She was separated from her mother and left on the side of a busy road. The innocent pup was squealing and hoping that her mom would come to her rescue.

A Furry Surprise

dog sitting on grass next to a road
Source: Paws Show

While the dog was waiting and hoping to be saved, many cars and trucks were passing by. 

Luckily, a kind woman who was driving along that same road heard the surprising howling sounds. She parked her car right away, and started looking around the road and wondering where the sounds were coming from.

She got out of her car, and after she saw a sweet puppy on the opposite side of the road, she was left heartbroken. Polly kept squealing, and she was very scared. 

The woman knew she had no time to waste, as many trucks drove by. She feared that the pup would try to cross the road. 

She started walking towards the scared dog.

As soon as the doggo saw the woman approaching her, she started moving away from her. 

The kind-hearted woman talked to the frightened pooch and tried to win her over. After a while, Polly let the woman take her into her arms and carry her to the car.

Polly Learns To Trust Humans 

woman with a rescued dog
Source: Paws Show

Polly’s rescuer took her to the vet. The puppy’s fur was filled with fleas, ticks, and lice, and she had to stay at a hospital in order to recover completely. 

She was unsure of her new surroundings, and she felt sad because her mom wasn’t with her. Polly didn’t know if she could trust the woman, and she tried to bite her.

The woman held her adorable face in her hands and tenderly stroked her. She understood that the pooch needed a ton of love.

Polly felt comforted by the gentle touch of her hand. 

As days went by, Polly’s health improved, and she started enjoying cuddling with her rescuer. She was excited and she began wagging her tail.

She loved playing with her toys. Polly transformed into an energetic and confident pup. She liked interacting with people and she became very friendly.

The Sweet Puppy Gets Her Happy Ending

close-up photo of the dog
Source: Paws Show

Once she made a full recovery, Polly was ready to search for a loving home. Sadies Dog Rescue helped her find a wonderful family. 

Polly was overjoyed to move into her forever home. Her family promised to adore her and cherish her. Surrounded by a loving family, Polly thrived every day. She knew that she would never be abandoned again.

I feel happy knowing that the pawdorable puppy got the happy ending that she deserved.

Thanks to the good human who saved her life, Polly turned her life around.

Unfortunately, cruel dog owners dump their pets on the streets without feeling any regret or compassion. Left on the streets without food or shelter, the helpless animals depend on good people to help them and bring them to safety.

Whenever we spot a stray pet, we should always contact the local shelters and rescues.

Let’s be there for the innocent and defenseless animals.