Desperate Injured Pup Can’t Stop Crying Loudly By The Road, Begging For Help


A little bit of compassion and kindness was all that an adorable injured puppy wished for as he lay on the side of a road.

With pleading eyes, he kept looking at the people who passed him by.

The brave fur baby endured pain, and he desperately needed help after he got hit by a car. Despite being ignored, the pup’s heart sparkled with hope every time he would see people approaching.

The sad canine kept expecting that someone would notice him and come to his aid. He needed help and love more than ever before.

The Kind Humans He Was Waiting For

injured dog on the road
Source: Paws Show

The dog rescuers who happened to be driving along the busy road saw the puppy on the side of the road. The giant-hearted people immediately parked their car and walked over to the pup.

Their heart broke after they saw that the puppy’s paw was injured. The rescue team assumed that it was broken.

They wondered how many people ignored the lovely pup who needed help.

The dog, later named Sejo, felt a sense of relief the moment he saw the rescuers approaching him. He gazed at them as if he wanted to ask them to provide him with help.

The kind humans petted Sejo, wishing to comfort him. They let him know that he was not alone anymore.

The rescuers gently lifted him in their arms, placed him in their car, and rushed him to the vet.

Sejo was given the necessary medical attention. 

His human friends held his head in their hands as the vet cleaned his wounds. The pup was the bravest boi. He was extremely calm, and he let the vet team take care of him.

The fur baby was estimated to be four months old.

One of his rescuers took him home. Sejo felt safe and comfortable. Thanks to the medicine the vet gave him, he didn’t feel pain.

dog with injured leg (2)
Source: Facebook

The kind man watched Sejo while he was sleeping. He promised to look after him.

The next day, Sejo’s rescuer drove him to the vet in order to take an X-ray. As initially thought, the pup’s leg was broken, and the vet put a cast on it.

The Canine Makes A Full Recovery

man holding dog in the air
Source: Facebook

Sejo didn’t need surgery, and his rescuers continued taking care of him. They gave him a lot of love. Sejo felt cherished.

The little pup loved going on walks, and he started wagging his tail.

As time went by, Sejo’s leg started healing. He felt much better, and his face became adorned with a beautiful smile.

happy dog smiling
Source: Facebook

Sejo’s rescuers enjoyed seeing him happy.

A couple of months later, the delightful fur baby made a complete recovery. He could finally run and enjoy his puppyhood.

Although it’s not clear whether Sejo found his forever home, we’re certain that an adorable puppy like him got his much-deserved happy ending.

Huge thanks to the giant-hearted rescuers for saving Sejo and for bringing a smile to his face.