After 10 Years At Shelter, Rescuers Plead To Find This Lovely Dog A Home She Deserves


Some dogs get to spend their whole lives in cozy homes, chasing new adventures every day. Some, on the other hand, never get the chance to experience all that. And, that just breaks my heart!

Myna is one of the dogs that’s been waiting for her opportunity ever since she was born.

At ten years of age, all this lovely girl knows is the life in boarding and a kennel. Yet, she never stopped hoping that one day, a hooman would walk through that door and take her to a forever home!

Waiting For A Chance

dog standing in rescue center
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

When she first arrived at Twenty Paws Rescue, Brooklyn, New York, Myna’s story was a mystery. The staff knew nothing about her old life, except that she was a stray dog.

“Unfortunately, we don’t know what her life was like before the shelter. She was a stray that found herself at the city shelter,” TPR wrote on Facebook.

Myna fit perfectly into her new environment. She’s been friendly ever since, although she never had the opportunity to share her life with hoomans before.

dog running in yard
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

This New York rescue has had Myna for the last few years, and if they have learned one thing, it’s that this Boxer mix is nothing but the sweetest lovebug! Yet, there are still no applications for her.

“She’s really a forgotten soul and we ache for her. For years, she’s in boarding waiting for a chance. Yet, not a single email comes for this senior nugget, ever. Why? She’s sweet, playful, affectionate, and full of smiles,” TPR wrote on Facebook.

dog with toy on the grass
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

In all these years, Myna has never lost her hope. 

She wakes up every day with so much enthusiasm and definitely doesn’t let anything take that spark from her!

“She doesn’t let anything get her down, approaching each day with bright slobbery jowls ready to smooch,” the rescue added.

Myna Still Has Plenty Of Energy

strong dog running
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

Despite the fact that she’s already ten, Myna still behaves like a little girl! Her caregivers love to call her the fountain of youth due to her unbelievable spirit!

She’d love a family with whom she could take on exciting adventures, as that’s just how Myna rolls!

“Despite her age, Myna has no health issues and is still an active dog who would do well in a home with active older kids. Additionally, she is a very go-with-the-flow type pup; she would thrive in a home where she gets to just join in on all the family adventures,” her caregivers claim.

man tickels dog
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

In all her days at the rescue, this resilient girl has never displayed any sign of depression. Myna is perfectly satisfied with everything she gets from her loving caregivers, and she sure would make an excellent companion!

After ten years of searching, I’m sure it’s time for this Boxer mix to meet someone who will love her just the way she is. And, if I can state one thing with certainty, it’s that Myna will definitely know how to reciprocate all the love!

Good luck, sweet girl! I hope you find your home soon.