Dog Tied To A Tree And Left There Can’t Hide Happiness When Rescuers Find Him


How can you ever resist a dog’s smile? Or, their wiggliest, happiest tail wag?

Here’s a simple answer – you can’t!

And, neither could the kind rescuers who stumbled upon Professor Plum – the abandoned Pittie mix who was found tied to a tree in St. Louis, Missouri.

With his misfortunate past finally behind him, this sweet dog couldn’t hide his happiness when he realized that his life was finally taking a different path.

The Moment Of Pure Happiness

photo of dog tied to a tree
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Missouri, has always been a cradle of pure kindness and just the most heartwarming dog rescue stories. This incredible team of canine lovers face difficult situations on a daily basis, and in March, 2024, it was no different.

The team got notified about the dog that had been left tied to a tree in the city, and they immediately rushed into action.

When they finally arrived at the spot, expecting another difficult rescue, the dog’s reaction left them in awe!

dog eating out of hand
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

“This pup was tied up outside. As we approached him, he seemed to say ‘oh thank goodness, yes come help me! I’m all by myself! I’m just a baby boy!’,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

No more than a year and a half old, the Pittie was still a puppy, and he desperately needed help. And, when help finally arrived, he didn’t shy away, showing how truly happy he was to be rescued.

He instantly warmed up to his new hoomans, giving them the gentlest look and the most enthusiastic tail wag. 

Here Comes A Shocking Twist

The most amazing thing happened only a few hours after the dog’s rescue. 

Professor Plum, as he was later named, got a foster home on the very same day that he was rescued! Right after his evaluation, the sweet boi was cleared and ready for foster care – which happened within just hours.

And, when he finally arrived at his new (foster) home, it was a real shocker!

close-up photo of three dogs lying in bed
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis via The Dodo

Completely unexpected, he reunited with his foster mom from his puppy days. Barb Kumar took care of this sweet boi and his sister when they were only a few weeks of age, and now they had the opportunity to cross paths with each other again.

It was such a heartwarming reunion with so many kisses and cuddles. Only this time, instead of Professor Plum’s sister, there were two other foster siblings that awaited him.

The entire family embraced this Pittie with an open heart, and he couldn’t be happier. After all the hardships during the last period, Professor Plum was finally safe, with endless adventures ahead of him.

He’s currently in the process of meeting his new hoomans, and when the time is right, I’m absolutely pawsitive that this friendly boi will find his place in a cozy home. It is now only a matter of time!