Shelter Dog Showers Everyone With The Biggest Smile, Hoping To Be Adopted


When The City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services received multiple calls from concerned citizens regarding a stray running around the city, they knew they had to send a team to find her and bring her to the shelter.

The Pit Bull mix, who was later named Bitsy, was described as a happy and playful dog who loved strolling around the Texas neighborhood without any plans of stopping.

Luckily, after one of her strolls, Bitsy ended up at the loving home of one of the concerned citizens, allowing Officer Allex Pollard to locate her much easier.

Meet Bitsy

rescue dog named bitsy
Source: City of Arlington, TX – Animal Services

The first time Officer Pollard met Bitsy, it was clear to her that she was in the presence of one of those pups that you remember forever.

“Officer Alex Pollard said when she arrived at the address, Bitsy was laying on her back, feet up in the air like she had just had the best day, but was worn out from her fun,” a spokesperson from the City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services, tells People.

The Texas shelter also stated that when they receive a stray dog, most of them are usually very scared and overwhelmed. However, this was not the case with Bitsy.

“Bitsy immediately made her presence known. She is a happy, rambunctious, energetic dog. She is very attached to being with people and makes the funniest dinosaur noises when she wants more attention from you,” the shelter says. 

This sweet girl loves hanging out with hoomans and meeting new friends. She is full of positive energy, and whenever she is happy, she has ‘full body wags’.

But, one of Bitsy’s main attractions is her smile!

“Bitsy’s smile was noticed instantly! She is literally always happy, but especially when she sees or is with people!” the shelter spokesperson says.

Looking For A Home

After her mandatory 72-hour stray hold ended and no hooman came forward stating that she was missing, the Texas shelter started preparing her for adoption.

However, the staff labeled her as a VIP Adoptable Pet because they suspected that she may be hard of hearing or even deaf due to the observations they made while caring for her.

“When pets are made VIP at Arlington Animal Services, we reduce their adoption fee and feature them in hopes of finding their forever homes quickly,” the spokesperson explained. 

Five days later, the shelter decided to place Bitsy in its ‘adoption mall,’ which was located at the front of the shelter and had a limited number of kennels.

From here, Bitsy was able to meet potential pet parents visiting the shelter and amaze them with her incredible smile.

bitsy the dog looking at the camera
Source: City of Arlington, TX – Animal Services

The spokesperson stated that within seconds of moving to the adoption mall, Bitsy popped up her head and looked out of the window, displaying her sweet smile for everyone to see.

“She was so happy! It honestly didn’t surprise us, but it is like she knew this was her chance at a family! She loves looking out the window and seeing staff or visitors in the shelter and is even happier than she was before,” the shelter spokesperson shared.

Unfortunately, even with her contagious smile and the fact that she became a little celebrity on Facebook, Bitsy wasn’t able to generate any adoption interest.

The City of Arlington, Texas, Animal Services stated that this sweet girl would do best with a responsible family who would love an energetic and fun furry companion who would transform every boring day into an incredible adventure.

“Bitsy wants and needs love, time, and attention. Someone willing to work with the possibility of her being deaf. She is a smart dog who absolutely loves to please people,” the shelter stated.

Final Word

I am sure that with time, this sweet girl will find a loving forever home with a family that will make sure that her sweet smile is always on her adorable face.

“We are confident a new family will come for Bitsy, but we hope this brings awareness to homeless shelter dogs waiting in the windows everywhere and that someone will consider opening their hearts and homes to a shelter dog in need,” the spokesperson concluded.

If you are interested in adopting Bitsy or any other animal in their care, please visit the shelter’s website for more information.