Hilarious Pup Steals Spotlight After Interrupting His Owner’s Online Therapy Session


I’m Hera. I’m an 11-year-old gal rescued from a puppy mill. Imagine my life before Isabelle saved me. It was horrific. I don’t wanna talk about it!

When Isabelle came along, I was the happiest a pup could be. She gave me a chance. She gave me happiness. She gave me life! 

I was finally at the right place. 

But then, Isabelle started talking to someone online, someone she called her… therapist.

What’s a therapist, Isabelle? Can I talk to her too?

I’ve Got Something To Say

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Hera thought her hoomom, Isabelle, shared every secret with her. But, she didn’t know about someone from the other side of the screen: Isabelle’s therapist. 

A lot of people these days need therapy, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it brings so many benefits to one’s mental health. When Isabelle decided to find herself someone professional to talk to, she made one of the best decisions in life. 

Still, her therapist didn’t know that Isabelle came with baggage, a plus one. For the price of one customer, the therapist would be talking to two persons: Isabelle and her dog, Hera.

It was quite a steal, don’t you think?

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Source: Isabelle Glancy

“Hera loves to be involved in anything I’m doing and wants to be with me all the time. When I do therapy, she is just happy to be included,” said Isabelle for Newsweek.

Falls Church, Virginia is a small place. Sure, there are good therapists in the area, but this Virginia girl decided that online therapy was the way to go. To be honest, it’s much more convenient than regular therapy. 

From the first session, Hera, Isabelle’s Pitbull mix, was there. She always pops her head in front of the camera to greet the person on the other side. And, guess what? 

The therapist loves it, and Hera loves her, too. Every time she hears her voice, there she is, ready to share her pawblems.

On one occasion, while Isabelle was in the virtual waiting room, Hera decided it was her time to speak with the good lady on the other side.

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Source: TikTok

“My therapist was a couple minutes late, and Hera kept trying to paw the computer. She was waiting so impatiently like she was waiting for her session,” added Isabelle.

What could Hera possibly have to say to the therapist? 

Maybe she had to vent a bit because Isabelle didn’t take her to her favorite park the other day. Maybe because she doesn’t get the mandatory three dinners a day, 

Or maybe she just wanted to share how much she loves her hoomom.

Either way, Hera became a viral superstar and a good promoter of therapies. Thousands of people have seen the video on TikTok, and they all agree: Hera is not the most patient waiter, but she sure means well.

“The social-media reaction has been awesome as it’s been validating and also funny. Other people have shared similar scenarios with their pets during therapy. Not only does it provide us with funny stories, but it also forms a community of openness about therapy,” says Isabelle.

This isn’t the first time Hera has been featured online. A while ago, Newsweek posted her dramatic reaction to being told “no”. Needless to say, Hera is a hilarious canine star, and you gotta follow her on social media.

Whether she’s promoting the importance of therapy, or showing off her sass, Hera, the pawtastic Pitbull mix, is there to brighten up your day.


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