Tiny Abandoned Pup Spends Days Sleeping In An Old Box, Hoping His Family Returns


Being apart from their loved ones is probably one of the hardest things for doggos, but being abandoned on the street without even realizing it – that’s just beyond words!

For the senior dog, Fritter, everything went upside down when his family from Southern California received an eviction notice. They packed up shortly after that, leaving everything behind, even Fritter.

He was literally left in front of the house, with no one to take care of him anymore. In all the confusion, Fritter was able to make himself a small bed out of an empty box that was thrown in the back yard…

Fritter Was Hoping Each Car Would Be His Owners Coming Back

senior dog in a pile of garbage
Source: Suzette Hall

This small pup spent days waiting for his family to come back, looking at cars passing by the street and hoping one of them would be his pawrents.

Neighbors made sure he had enough food and water, but that’s all they could do, as Fritter wouldn’t let them come near. He was evidently frightened and in shock, not realizing that his ex-family left him for good.

senior dog sleeping in a box
Source: Suzette Hall

When the neighbors found out that the city was planning to tear his family’s house down, they reached out to Suzette Hall, a local dog rescuer and the volunteer of Logan’s Legacy. 

Hall didn’t hesitate to help this poor boy move away from inhumane conditions, and she drove to the spot as soon as she was notified.

“He would wait literally in the street and hope each car would be them coming back. He would go back to his house and sleep in a box in the back yard. Sometimes, neighbors would leave food and water,” says Suzette.

Making Fritter Trust Again Wasn’t A Walk In The Park

Suzette set a humane trap with treats to lure Fritter into it, but he didn’t even try to enter it. He was sitting still in his box, suspicious about a strange woman who was calling him out. 

Eventually, Hall and her friend somehow managed to corner Fritter and put him in a crate. 

senior dog in a crate
Source: Suzette Hall

He was literally shivering on the way to Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine, California, but right before Suzette subjected him to a vet exam, Fritter let her hug him. 

That particular brief moment was a turning point in their relationship, and probably the moment Fritter realized that Suzette was trying to help him, not harm him.

After a checkup, he was transferred to Suzette’s home for further nurturing and socialization. It seemed that every single day, he was getting a little closer to the goal, and the goal was to make him the happy little pup he once was.

senior dog lying on the floor of his new home
Source: Suzette Hall

It Didn’t Take Long Until He Found The Pawfect Family

senior dog with his new owner
Source: Suzette Hall

Luckily, it didn’t take long until Fritter’s story caught the attention of who appeared to be his perfect family! A lovely woman and three other siblings became a furever home for this senior fluff, leaving all those lonely nights behind!

“His frown was turned upside down. So happy for you, sweet boy! Your lonely nights are behind. Your belly will always be full. Nobody will leave you behind again,” Suzette wrote on her Facebook.

senior dog hanging out with his new buddy
Source: Suzette Hall

Once an abandoned dog crying in misery over his lost family, Fritter’s today the happiest boy in the world!