Deaf Dog Left At Shelter Was Extremely Depressed Until He Met Someone Who Changed His Life


Life is never easy for a deaf dog. Many times, they are burdened with challenges that other pups never have to face.

It can make even doing simple tasks harder for them. This, however, does not mean that they are not worth our time. 

Even with their disabilities, we have to learn how to help them overcome them and learn how to live with them. 

Yet, most people will outright ignore them for other pooches, which is just wrong because deaf dogs are hardly different and can be lovable furballs if we give them the chance.

Pickle is just one such example. Even though he was surrendered to the shelter by his owner, he was lucky enough to meet someone who would change his life.

Pickle’s New Beginning

deaf dog named pickle
Source: @picklelilypup

When Molly first met Pickle, she was working in the rescue center where he was staying. His owner could no longer take care of him, so he left him there.

She noticed almost immediately that he was different from other dogs. Pickle was deaf and that meant that he needed extra help.

Molly looked at him and realized that he was really depressed. He would just lie in his own little corner and do nothing for most of the day.

dog in tall grass
Source: @picklelilypup

Considering he had been there for months without his owner, it should come as no surprise that he was really sad.

Molly told GeoBeats Animals: “I went home and I told my family. They fell in love with him and we adopted him.

Things changed so fast for the family when Pickle came into their life. Molly had never had a dog before, let alone a deaf one.

It was an unusual situation for her. However, she loved him so much and wanted to give him the best life possible.

Pickle Loves Training

dog with purple collar lying
Source: @picklelilypup

Molly and her family spent a lot of time training him and he would soon change to be a very sweet and confident dog.

She continues by saying: “He turned me into a crazy dog lady who adopts deaf rescue dogs.” 

So, naturally, she adopted Lilly, who was also a deaf dog. However, she was also visually impaired, which could cause a lot of problems.

two dogs on a sidewalk
Source: @picklelilypup

Molly would do everything she could to help Lilly overcome her problems. One thing she noticed was that many people were scared of Lilly.

Because she blinks so rarely, it gives people the idea that she might be holding in anger all the time.

When Molly first decided to adopt deaf dogs, she knew it would not be easy. She would spend months training them.

She said: “It can take months or years to get to certain points and certain things, but you’ve got to celebrate every little milestone.

A Huge Change For Pickle

dog amongst yellow flowers
Source: @picklelilypup

So, obviously, it was a huge accomplishment when Molly helped Pickle overcome his fear of other people, and she was so proud of him.

He was a really special dog. Some of his favorite activities were cuddling with just about everyone, lying on the couch, and napping.

However, he doesn’t just like sleeping. Another thing he loves doing is climbing mountains with Molly, and she just adores it whenever he comes with her.

pickle the dog outdoors
Source: @picklelilypup

To say that Pickle has changed her life would be an understatement. Molly is so happy to have him and Lilly in her life as it has made it better in every conceivable way.

Even though he is aging and is already 10 years old, Molly is glad that he got the chance to live out his life with someone he cares about.

In the end, she said: “I wanted to give him that chance to be able to show just what a deaf dog could do.