Foster Pup Leaves Everyone Shocked When She Reveals Her Big Secret


I know what you’re thinking: She’s pregnant, so what’s the secret?

Trust me… everyone was surprised at how well this future mommy was hiding her secret. 

No one expected it to happen. 

No one was THAT prepared.

And yet, there she was, popping them out one by one, making her foster mom gasp in awe. 

All that her mom, Stephanie, had to ask in the end was: Is it over yet?

Surprise, It’s A Puppy

pregnant mama dog giving birth
Source: YouTube

Numerous belly showings or belly checks led to this point. The countless number of belly rubs and cuddles did, too.

Soon, it was time to set up the whelping area. 

Puppies are coming! I repeat, puppies are coming! 

Everyone in position? Okay, let’s do this. 

Mommy Lucy was more than ready to welcome her little ones. 

Snuggled between cozy blankets, Lucy waited patiently. Then, contractions started becoming more frequent. Puppies would be here in no time.

And, there they were! 

The first little one that was welcomed by Stephanie and Lucy was a teensy-tiny baby girl. She looked exactly like her mommy. 

Then, the second baby came. And, another one… And another one… 

little puppies sleeping
Source: YouTube

Lucy pushed out six healthy babies and felt the blessing of being a mom.

Just when they thought the delivery was over, and everything went by so smoothly, Lucy started having more contractions.

Hah, I’m not done yet. I was just warming up. 

Lucy’s big belly was hiding a big surprise: Ten puppies in total!

black and white puppies
Source: YouTube

Over the next few hours, Lucy worked hard and pushed out puppies seven, eight, nine, and ten. Although the last one was a bit struggling to breathe, she finally pulled through and started behaving as her siblings.

Lucy turned out to be such a good dog mommy. All her puppies were thriving. As soon as they were introduced to other dogs, they showed their friendliness and open-mindedness. There is no doubt that they will find excellent furever homes.

That’s exactly what happened. All puppies went to their new homes, all adopted by Stephanie’s friends, so she gets regular updates on them. 

10-weeks-old puppies on the left vs 6-month-old puppy on the right
Source: YouTube

Even Lucy got a new start and a new home, and even a sibling that was just like her.

two happy dogs
Source: YouTube

Everything turned out to be great in the end. Lucy’s big surprise blessed so many lives. So many families were given a new best friend… a pup that would always stick by their side. 

If you ever get the chance to foster a pregnant dog, don’t skip the opportunity. Sure, it’s quite a project and requires a lot of effort, but it’s absolutely worth it. Just imagine how those poor dog moms feel when they have to give birth at a shelter! 

This way, you’re giving them a much better chance to find their furever homes, and that’s all these lovely souls need.