This Strange-Looking Chihuahua Dog Makes People Wonder About Her Look


Loren, just like many proud dog parents, was lucky enough to find her furry soulmate.

Many dog owners believe that their pup is the most special and unique pup in the whole wide world. However, for Loren and her pup, Falkor, this might actually be the case.

A Very Unique Dog

weird dog
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Falkor is a very small Chimix, weighing in at only three-and-a-half pounds. She also raises a lot of questions from bypassers who are wondering what kind of animal she really is.

„People think she’s a ghost or a pig. I still look at her sometimes and think ‘What are you? Where did you come from?’“ said Loren.

The first time Loren met Falkor, because of her appearance, she wasn’t really sure if she was just a puppy or a very old dog.

But, in the end, her age didn’t really matter because this pup needed help.

It was a hoarding situation. We had gone to try to help take some of the dogs to a shelter. She was shut off in a little room by herself and she was aggressive and dirty. I just knew that I could help her. I wanted to help her.

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Because she was so frightened, Loren decided that this pup was in no shape to be surrounded by other animals, fearing that it would only add to her anxiety.

New Life

After bringing her home, she made sure that this pup never felt neglected and frightened again, giving her everything she needed and more.

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When she took her for her well-needed checkup, the vet determined that she was between five and six years old, and also, he diagnosed her with albinism.

But, even with her albinism, Falkor was neither deaf nor blind – a diagnosis that a lot of other albino animals are prone to.

However, do not let the appearance or the size of this dog fool you. When Loren first tried to be friends with her, she didn’t really allow her to approach.

I wasn’t ever able to pick her up. I had to put a towel over her to get her into the carrier. She was scared.

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Even though this pup is still food aggressive and has to eat away from other animals, over time, she realized that her new environment and hoomans weren’t something she should be afraid of.

It took some time to earn her trust. She loves me but tolerates everyone else. So she’s definitely a one-person dog, I would say.

Falkor also isn’t really prone to being friends with other animals. Loren suspects that this is due to her being exposed to so many animals in such a small space for a very long time.

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Apart from absolutely enjoying some delicious french fries, Falkor also adores lying in the sun.

However, since pups who are diagnosed with albinism can not be in the sun for too long because they lack pigment in their skin, Loren makes sure to time Falkor’s tanning sessions.

She also always remembers to lather Falkor in sunscreen, protecting her from harmful UV rays.

funny dog in sun
Source: @falkorthegobliness

Final Word

Ever since Falkor came into her life, Loren is constantly reminded of just how much her luck had smiled upon her.

This little pup has been nothing but a bundle of joy, brightening up her day every time she lays eyes on her.

It’s been an honor to get to be her person. I’ll never know why I was so lucky to have her in my life. I know that she’s one of a kind, I know I’ll never have another animal that will ever be anything like her or ever compared to her.