Woman Shocked To Discover A Dog Family Cuddled In A Pile Of Leaves Deep In The Woods


Going for a hike, one wouldn’t think that he would come across the cutest scene ever.

However, some lucky hikers got just that. They stumbled across a dog mom and her pups, cuddled up in a pile of fallen leaves. Unfortunately, they discovered that they weren’t really having the time of their lives, so they decided to call for some help.

Help Is On The Way

dog and puppies in the woods
Source: Angela’s Ark

When being contacted about a mom dog with her pups hidden in the woods of Charlotte, North Carolina, Angela and her friend, Kristen, did not hesitate to look for help.

After not receiving confirmation that somebody could take them in, Angela and Kristen started to get worried. Kristen knew that these poor dogs couldn’t stay outside for one more night, so she decided to foster them herself!

When they finally found the mama, she was tucked back and hidden, surrounded by puppies. She was very scared, staring and observing every step Angela and Kristen took.

My first thought was if she’s been living on her own, of course, she’s going to be defensive and protective of her babies, said Angela.

However, this was not the case. This mama wasn’t aggressive at all. She was just really tired, defeated, and simply gave in. She must have known that she could trust these women and that they were there to help.

After gaining the mama’s trust with some food and gentle pets, they carefully brought them to Kristen’s home. The puppies looked about 2 weeks old and there were a lot of them!

She set them up a little pool filled with blankets and pillows so they would be as comfortable as possible. The mom was still hesitant and didn’t fully trust Kristen, but she slowly got into the pool and started to nurse her babies.

black dog and puppies lying in dog bed
Source: Angela’s Ark

The next day was already better. The mom realized that she was out of danger, so she started warming up to her new foster mom.

New Day, New Beginning

dog in a crate and woman sitting by it
Source: Angela’s Ark

Kristen and Angela were delighted with this change in attitude and decided to name her Sky. They also had a very clever idea for naming the pups. Considering there were so many of them, 11 to be exact, and they were the stars to Sky’s sky, they decided to name them after constellations… names such as Orion, Andromeda, and Aurora.

Sky really started to come out of her shell, but she never got out of her role of being a mom. Whenever she would start playing outside, getting her doggo energy out, she would still go back to check up on her puppies.

She is no longer reserved and quiet, but loves attention and her couch cuddles with Kristen – her new favorite hooman.

She would start to wag her tail as soon as we walked in the door.

The puppies also loved their new home. Whatever time they didn’t spend sleeping, they would run around, playing with each other and Angela.

Since there were too many of them, Angela decided it was best for them to go their separate ways and find their forever home, posting on Facebook that they were ready for adoption.

photo of the puppies
Source: Angela’s Ark

Being so adorable and photogenic, all of them found a new loving family in no time.

Sky had to stay in foster care since, unfortunately, she got diagnosed with heartworm. Her treatment started right away and lasted for 4 months.

Luckily, Angela kept us updated on her health, and when she fully recovered, she was also looking for a forever home. 

close-up photo of the dog Sky
Source: Angela’s Ark

Final Word

Angela and Kristen’s rescue of Sky and her constellation of puppies showed the unconditional love that can happen between hoomans and our four-legged friends.

Through patience and trust, Sky transformed from a fearful and exhausted mother to a lively, tail-wagging dog excited for her new life. We thank Angela and Kristen and everybody else who helped an animal in need. You are true heroes.