Mom Shocked When Baby Monitor Reveals A Strange Lump In Her Baby’s Crib


Lisa Miller’s house in South California has always been a home for cats. This unconditional cat lover already had feline fellows, Jada and Sochi, when she took in tabby cat, Lily, for fostering.

Because she was such a sweet girl, Lisa believed that Lily would soon find her forever home. She was partially right because this cat actually took up residence in her house, and the biggest “culprits” were Sochi and Jada, who simply fell in love with her. 

It didn’t take long for the kitten to get under the skin of Lisa, herself, so the sweet girl became the princess of the house.

However, soon, this South California home was to get a new cute little member – Lisa was expecting a baby and she was happier than ever.

But, Lisa was also a bit worried because she didn’t know how Lily would react. After all, Lily was the center of her world until that moment.

Her Biggest Support

woman holding a cat
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Throughout the pregnancy, Lily, nicknamed Tiny Tiny, as well as her cat siblings, stayed loyally by Lisa’s side and they were her biggest supporters. 

In those nine months, there were beautiful, but also difficult moments. Nevertheless, through all this time, Lily did not leave her, and constantly gave her strength.

In mom’s best days, Lily was always ready to cuddle and embrace her happiness. But, she was with her even on the toughest days, especially when Lisa found out that her mom was seriously ill.

cat lying on bed
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“The only thing that gave me comfort was my Tiny Tiny,” Lisa said for The Dodo. “Those dark, lonely nights crying on the bathroom floor … she was right there, licking my tears and pain away.”

Together, they managed to overcome all the difficulties and finally meet the most beautiful moment that every mother wants to experience in her life.

The Cutest Intruder

woman holding a baby and a cat
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That day finally came. When baby Lucy was born, Lily was more than delighted to have a little sister. She was already fantasizing about playing and cuddling with her, as well as about the countless kisses they would exchange in the future.

But, at the same time, she couldn’t help herself when a twinge of jealousy would creep in whenever she witnessed Lucy in Lisa’s embrace. 

Luckily, Lisa quickly noticed this and immediately knew what to do.

“I carried her all day and now I’m carrying the baby all day, so I had to make sure Lily was still getting all the love and attention she was used to,” Lisa said. “I started including her in all of the daily things that I did with the baby, and I carried them both.”

photo of woman holding a baby with cat next to her
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From that moment on, Lily was becoming a better big sister every day. Although she hasn’t started playing with her yet, Lily has been watching over the baby while she is in play, and also trying to always be close to Lucy while she is sleeping.

Precisely this act of compassion would lead to one of the most beautiful moments that would mark the relationship between this little kitten and her baby sister.

Heart-Melting Scene

Lisa knew that Lily’s favorite thing to do was fall asleep on her mother’s lap while the baby, herself, was taking a nap. 

However, one day, Lisa decided to give Lucy a break from her cat siblings, so she made the decision to have her baby sleep in the room. Of course, a responsible mother didn’t leave anything to chance, so she always had a baby monitor next to her.

But then, at one point, when she looked at the monitor, Lisa jumped in shock when she saw a familiar gray lump in the crib.

black lump in a crib
Source: Lisa.G.Miller via The Dodo

“When I first looked at the monitor, my heart jumped out of my chest!” Lisa said. “I didn’t realize Lily had snuck in when my husband put her down.”

At that same moment, Lisa immediately thought of rushing into the room to move Lily from the bed. But, she quickly had a change of heart. 

She saw that the little kitten and the baby were sleeping peacefully next to each other and it was a real balm for her soul. What totally got her was when Lucy woke up and was overjoyed to see her big sister curled up and dozing next to her.

It was the turning point of this beautiful relationship. Lily became the best sister ever since that day, and she couldn’t be happier about her new role. 

cat sleeping on its back
Source: @lisa.g.miller517

On the other hand, her mom, Lisa, couldn’t have been more grateful for the day when this amazing cat entered their lives.

“Lily isn’t just a cat,” Lisa said. “She’s one hundred percent heaven-sent.”