Woman Discovers Treat Stop Box With Surprise Inside, Catching Her Off Guard


They might be gone, but memories of our beloved pets who passed away live forever. 

When Milli crossed the rainbow bridge, she left an immense amount of sadness behind her. Still, her owner didn’t let the grief knock her down on her knees. She did what every good dog owner does: she helped Mili’s legacy live on.

And, how was that accomplished? By building a special treat box so other pups could enjoy the same way Milli did.

Milli’s Special Treat Stop

dog box with picture
Source: TikTok

Ugly tears were shed that day. 

When Allison Pickard went on her regular walk that day, she didn’t believe she would encounter something so touching. 

Somewhere in Southern California, Allison and her mom spotted something that looked like a bird box. 

Sure, bird boxes are pretty much everywhere. But, this wasn’t your ordinary box, and it wasn’t for birds.

It was for dogs, and it contained something wonderful.

Inside the lovely wooden box that said Milli’s Treat Stop was a jar of delish doggy treats.

“My mom and I were out on a walk when we stumbled upon Milli’s Treat Stop, and it was so beautiful,” Pickard said for Newsweek. “I’m not sure how long it’s been there for, but it looks new, and this was the first time I’d spotted it.”

When Allison opened the box, she saw a photo of Milli taped on the inside of the little door and a jar with treats labeled with a thoughtful message:

dog box
Source: TikTok

The memory of Milli will now live on with every treat munched and every dog visiting her treat stop.

Allison’s video posted on TikTok went viral and was seen by millions of people outside Southern California. Still, the story of one special treat stop didn’t end there. 

People were so touched by Milli’s treat stop that they felt like they had to help out a bit. In just a few days, Allison got so many donated treats to leave at the stop that she couldn’t believe it! 


Replying to @Bee Gee Thank everyone so much for their donations 🤧🤧

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Faith in humanity was successfully restored.

“It’s been really bittersweet to see people donate treats in honor of their pets or their lost pets, but it warmed my heart seeing people want to support someone they don’t even know,” finished Allison.

Pet loss is one of the horrible losses we all dread. I know so many people refusing to have a dog just because they are aware they will be gone one day, and it’s too hurtful. Please, don’t let that discourage you from having a loving four-legged companion.

Even if the loss does come one day, make something out of it, just like Milli’s owner did. Build a treat stop, set up a basket of balls in your pup’s favorite park, hand out toys for your special days… 

Honor your dog because they deserve the highest honor possible.