Woman Shocked To See Her Dog Lying In Aquarium, Then Learns The Real Truth


Dogs are no strangers to hiding or relaxing in the most unusual places. I remember that my giant German Shepherd loved to rest inside boxes for some reason.

It was baffling how he would find a box to be comfortable, but there was nothing that could deter him from doing so. For some reason, they just love such weird activities.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who had seemingly ended up in a weird place and surprised his owner.

Meet Barkley Stumps

cute corgis peeking out from the ferns
Source: @barkleystumps

For as long as Tracey Noble knew her dog, Barkley, he was always a very happy Corgi who just loved to have fun. The family from Pennsylvania always made sure to document their interesting adventures.

However, one of his more recent adventures led him to an unusual place, or so Noble thought, at first.

One morning, Noble was cleaning her house and she glanced at something strange. She took a look at the aquarium where her turtle is staying and was surprised.

For a moment, it looked like her dog, Barkley, was inside the aquarium somehow. She couldn’t believe it.

Noble told The Dodo: I started laughing and grabbed my phone. It was magical. Barkley was in the tank!

A Weird Optical Illusion

the dog is lying in the aquarium
Source: Tracey Noble

She took a better look, and it turned out that the dog was really behind Noble the whole time. His reflection was the cause of a very specific angle of the sun’s rays hitting the aquarium.

Noble said: I couldn’t believe how clear the reflection of him was.

Noble called her daughter to have a look, and even she was stumped by the weird reflection on the aquarium.

The effect soon faded away, but the family made sure to capture the moment on camera, so they could have that precious memory.

Noble said: Barkley was excited that we were laughing and that he was the center of attention, for sure!

portrait of a cute corgi sitting and looking at the camera
Source: @barkleystumps

Noble made sure to let everyone know about this, so she shared the story online with her followers, and they, too, were surprised by this illusion.

She continued by saying: He would be thrilled to know that he brought so much happiness and wonder to so many people! I am not sure if I could capture that again if I tried!